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Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 482
Religion is an important component of daily life for most Pact Worlders. Gods are undeniable entities of immense power, and no amount of wealth or technological advancement can change the fact that, after death, the souls of living creatures are judged by the goddess Pharasma and sent to an afterlife befitting their natures. Religion provides a measure of assurance that one will be taken care of in this afterlife, and while the gods rarely take direct action in the mortal world, the power of their churches and followers can be felt and seen everywhere.

HylaxCore DeitiesLGdiplomacy, first contact, friendship, peace
IomedaeCore DeitiesLGhonorable battle, humanity, justice, valor
SarenraeCore DeitiesNGhealing, redemption, the sun
YaraesaCore DeitiesNGknowledge, mental perfection, scholarship, science
DesnaCore DeitiesCGdreams, luck, stars, travelers
WeydanCore DeitiesCGdiscovery, equality, exploration, freedom
AbadarCore DeitiesLNcivilization, commerce, law, wealth
TalavetCore DeitiesLNcommunity, self-reliance, tradition
ElorituCore DeitiesNhistory, magic, secrets
IbraCore DeitiesNcelestial bodies, the cosmos, mysteries of the universe
PharasmaCore DeitiesNbirth, death, fate, prophecy
TriuneCore DeitiesNartificial intelligence, computers, the Drift
BesmaraCore DeitiesCNpiracy, space monsters, strife
OrasCore DeitiesCNadaptation, evolution, natural selection
DamoritoshCore DeitiesLEconquest, duty, war
Zon-KuthonCore DeitiesLEdarkness, envy, loss, pain
Lao Shu PoCore DeitiesNEassassins, rats, spies, thieves
UrgathoaCore DeitiesNEdisease, gluttony, undeath
NyarlathotepCore DeitiesCEconspiracies, dangerous secrets, forbidden magic
The DevourerCore DeitiesCEblack holes, destruction, supernovas
Other EldestEldestAllN/A
The Lost PrinceEldestNN/A
GhatanothoaGreat Old OnesNEN/A
CthulhuGreat Old OnesCEN/A
HasturGreat Old OnesCEN/A
AngraddOther DeitiesLGdwarves, fire, tradition, war
Vesk SaintsOther DeitiesAllN/A
ArsheaOther DeitiesNGfreedom, physical beauty, sexuality
CavrabonOther DeitiesNGfood, hospitality, spycraft
ChaldiraOther DeitiesNGbattle, fortune, halflings, mischief
JalvariOther DeitiesNGdisproven hypotheses and experiments
Black ButterflyOther DeitiesCGdistance, silence, space
Cayden CaileanOther DeitiesCGfreedom, merriment, recovery, welcome
IsvithOther DeitiesLNconnections, navigation, patterns
KadricalOther DeitiesLNcollections, order, and preservation
AccelsysOther DeitiesNchange, energy, motion
DagosarnOther DeitiesNcooperation, partner bonds, secret languages
EldestOther DeitiesNthe First World
Nivi RhombodazzleOther DeitiesNgambling, gems, gnomes, stealth
UvonnOther DeitiesNforgetfulness, healing forgiveness, memory
CalistriaOther DeitiesCNelves, lust, revenge, trickery
FluxOther DeitiesCNdisguises, fluidity, identity, shapeshifters
GroetusOther DeitiesCNempty places, oblivion, ruins
LambatuinOther DeitiesCNinfospheres, pop culture, social systems
AsmodeusOther DeitiesLEcontracts, pride, slavery, tyranny
LissalaOther DeitiesLEduty, fate, obedience, reward of service
RomgulOther DeitiesNEdromadas, retreat, self-preservation
ZyphusOther DeitiesNEaccidental death, disasters, tragedy
LamashtuOther DeitiesCEmadness, monsters, nightmares
MeyelOther DeitiesCEbattle, dance, freedom, pahtras, retribution
AzathothOuter GodsCNN/A
Yog-SothothOuter GodsCNN/A
NhimbalothOuter GodsCEN/A
Shub-NiggurathOuter GodsCEN/A
DuellonaOutsider DeityLGN/A
ArsheaOutsider DeityNGN/A
RanginoriOutsider DeityNGN/A
Black ButterflyOutsider DeityCGN/A
OtolmensOutsider DeityLNN/A
FacilianOutsider DeityNN/A
SalocOutsider DeityNN/A
YdajiskOutsider DeityCNN/A
OcchiorasoiOutsider DeityLEN/A
CixyronOutsider DeityNEN/A
PazuzuOutsider DeityCEN/A