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Spirit of Abandon

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 493
NG deity of freedom, physical beauty, sexuality

The androgynous being Arshea inspires passions and comforts the repressed. Arshea espouses the utter liberation of the body and the soul, encouraging followers to consensually experience all aspects of gender, love, and sexuality.


Source Galactic Magic pg. 130
NG goddess of N/A

Arshea is an angel empyreal lord who represents personal empowerment, beauty, and sexuality, along with the freedom for all to explore these concepts for themselves. As long as no harm is done unto others, Arshea and their followers support the pursuit of pleasures and personal fulfillment in whatever forms they take for an individual.
The Spirit of Abandon has no permanent realm on the planes, instead wandering the galaxy in search of their own happiness. Their cult of worshippers includes many artists, explorers, lovers, and warriors who champion against oppression. Arshea’s followers delight in making first contact with unknown planets and societies, hoping to ensure smooth communication and amicable introductions that benefit everyone involved.