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Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 462
The galaxy contains more than a hundred billion stars, and many of these nurture planets. Many more worlds than those listed here have made contact with the Pact Worlds (and one another) in the centuries since the Gap, yet an untold number still await initial contact by explorers.

AballonPact Worlds01, Striving
Absalom StationPact WorldsAbsalom Station
AkitonPact WorldsArl, Estuar
ApostaePact WorldsNightarch
AucturnPact WorldsCitadel of the Black
BrethedaPact WorldsTrillidiem
CastrovelPact WorldsQabarat
EoxPact WorldsOrphys
IdariPact WorldsIdari
LiavaraPact WorldsRoselight
The DiasporaPact WorldsBroken Rock
The SunPact WorldsBurning Archipelago
TriaxusPact WorldsZo
VercesPact WorldsSkydock
The DriftEverywhereAlluvion
AmranNear Space
Centus IINear Space
Cordrazar IVNear Space
Daegox 4Near Space
DaimalkoNear Space
Dina IIINear Space
EmbroiNear Space
ErgodiaNear Space
GadravelNear Space
GraschaNear Space
Heicoron IVNear Space
OrryNear Space
PreluriaNear Space
Riven ShroudNear Space
SilselrikNear SpaceMidios
StopgapNear Space
The VeskariumNear Space
VohxaNear Space
ZeresNear Space
Fortune’s HeartThe Drift
AgeshThe Vast
ArquandThe Vast
ArshalinThe VastKalsarsa
AstevintThe Vast
Azlanti Star EmpireThe Vast
BarrowThe Vast
Birnam’s BubbleThe Vast
Depot 583-BThe Vast
ElaoThe Vast
ElytrioThe VastArkeost
Emperor’s GraveyardThe Vast
EnthaThe Vast
HawannaThe Vast
JedaratThe Vast
Joyview-5The Vast
KaxThe Vast
LothunThe Vast
MalfaneThe Vast
MaurnakThe Vast
NakondisThe VastMadelon's Landing
Nejeor VIThe VastIstamak
New ThesperaThe Vast
NodetheThe Vast
OrikolaiThe Vast
Outpost ZedThe Vast
PrimoriaThe VastTarinth
RamiyaThe Vast
RatherenThe Vast
RiyethiraThe Vast
Sepres VIThe VastSepres Prime
ShadariThe Vast
ShimrinsaraThe Vast
Tabori ClusterThe Vast
Topheki BThe Vast
TudineThe Vast
UrrakarThe Vast
VathoriThe VastThirokhia
Weydana-1The Vast
Weydana-2The Vast
Weydana-3The Vast
Weydana-5The Vast
Weydana-6The Vast
Weydana-7The Vast
YrgytchThe Vast
Gluun and RakmosThe Vast (Chuuva)
IlemchuuvaThe Vast (Chuuva)
QuandaliThe Vast (Chuuva)
RtachuuvaThe Vast (Chuuva)
TarchuuvaThe Vast (Chuuva)
AshypsoThe Vast (Suskillon)
ChonaxThe Vast (Suskillon)
EchideaThe Vast (Suskillon)
SuskillonThe Vast (Suskillon)
UtraneusThe Vast (Suskillon)
VharrineThe Vast (Suskillon)