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Source Pact Worlds pg. 106
CG spaceport
System Triaxus
Population 18,400 (50% ryphorian, 32% dragonkin, 18% other)
Government true democracy (Ace Mayor Sindeo)
Qualities academic, technologically advanced
Maximum Item Level 8

In stark contrast to the self-sequestered Aylok, this allied territory is a hub for spaceflight. The city-state is filled with starship pilots, mechanics, and engineers. Theorizing about the most efficient way to build Drift engines or how to get the deadliest spread of particle beams happens as often in Zo’s hangars as it does in its spaceflight academies. The city is known for its first-class ace pilots, who often take lucrative jobs as corporate fliers. This had led to some speculation that spying is one of Zo’s more clandestine exports. If that’s the case, Ace Mayor Sindeo (CG male winterborn ryphorian mechanic) has done a spectacular job hiding the evidence, as he gladly offers tours of the city’s top facilities to any outsider who asks properly.