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Source Pact Worlds pg. 26
LN megaplex
System Aballon
Population 152,000,000 (65% anacite, 18% android, 13% human, 4% other)
Government utopia (guided by the Insight Array)
Qualities academic, bureaucratic, devout (Triune, singularitism), technologically advanced
Maximum Item Level 20

Sometime during the Gap, anacites spread across Aballon, forging grand nation-sized settlements called megaplexes. Striving quickly became the largest of these growing city-states. The so-called “Prime Megaplex” is home to the judicial regime known as the Machine Court, the bureaucratic overseers of the Insight Array, and the holy church of Triune: Unification Cathedral. Striving is perhaps the most advanced settlement in all the Pact Worlds, housing the industry of dozens of major corporations and thousands of private factories and forges. Even religious followers have a haven in the unique region of the Theology Channel. Veteran adventurers in the Pact Worlds know that if someone needs technological equipment, Striving is the one-stop shop for all purchases.

An entire town-sized section of the Striving megaplex is devoted to anacite understanding of foreign religions. This locale, known as the Theology Channel, consists of hundreds of cathedrals, chapels, and churches dedicated to the various religions of the Pact Worlds. Visitors can partake in rites related to any of the represented deities without fear of societal repercussions. Each of the core deities has a significant structure in the region, and anacite anchorites preside over various structures dedicated to several lesser deities and demigods. Some chapels even offer praise to the loathsome demon lords, with the pleasure cults of Nocticula and the selfimmolating followers of Flauros numbering among some of the more interesting and taboo religious options present in the Theology Channel.

Adjoined to the megaplex of Striving, the immense trinary structures of Unification Cathedral represent the three aspects of Triune. Each of the deity’s three aspects are venerated in the separate structures, but all are interconnected by the undercity of Ascension—a site named both in honor of Triune’s ascension and for the crater’s discovery by Golarion’s old Pharaohs of Ascension. The undercity is unlike Aballon’s other undercities, as it is one vast forge complex that produces some of the best Drift engines in the interstellar travel market, as well as some Drift beacons. The exact means of creating these beacons is closely guarded, and Triune’s faithful maintain a zealous stewardship over the construction methods. To protect this technology, the grounds of Unification Cathedral are considered a separate political entity from Striving. Triune maintains a host of Trifold Legionaries—Triune’s elite, technologically augmented holy warriors—to guard the secrets of the cathedral and the adjoining undercity of Ascension.