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Source Pact Worlds pg. 53
N metropolis
System Akiton
Population 18,350,000 (38% human, 36% ysoki, 11% android, 15% other)
Government autocracy (Thurok Vahal Ayos)
Qualities cultured, in recession, profiteering
Maximum Item Level 14

Magnificent Arl is one of the oldest and largest cities on Akiton, having stood atop the Arlkari Plateau for millennia before the Gap. Its equivalent to kings, called thuroks, ruled the plateau for ages before being deposed, and as can best be reconstructed, Arl’s rulers were largely figureheads in a parliamentary thurokracy during the Gap. Since the thasteron crash, Akiton has become increasingly dangerous, and a military coup reinstated the thurok as a supreme ruler. The current thurok, Vahal Ayos (N male human soldier), favors bold shows of force over sustained recovery, often sending warriors to crush nearby raiding parties or posting bounties on dangerous fauna anywhere near Arl. The city rebooted its manufacturing industry, though it struggles to remain financially competitive—a matter Vahal Ayos sometimes sweeps aside by imposing new tariffs to protect the factories.

Arl is most famous for its historic district, one of the bestpreserved, continuously occupied neighborhoods of pre-Gap architecture in the system. The star attraction is the Crimson Forum, a crumbling arena that once housed the greatest fighting tournaments on the planet. It has since been upstaged by the VitariTech Coliseum, a state-of-the-art stadium that hosts sporting events of all types and seats up to 150,000 people.