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Source Pact Worlds pg. 114
LN city
System Liavara
Population 54,000 (35% human, 30% barathu, 8% ysoki, 6% android, 2% lashunta, 1% haan, 1% sarcesian, 1% vesk, 16% other)
Government autocracy (Confluence)
Qualities bureaucratic, insular
Maximum Item Level 10

Although it exists solely for Liavara’s tightly controlled gasmining industry, Roselight is a surprisingly beautiful city—a floating platform of steel and polycarbon capped with transparent aluminum domes of varying sizes that catch the light filtering through Liavara’s peach-colored clouds to shimmer like giant soap bubbles. The tight restrictions on the city result in an environment not dissimilar from a space station, as everything in the city, including air and water, must be recycled.

The barathu-run Office of Commercial Interests on Roselight oversees all commercial endeavors on Liavara. It issues the permits required to tap the planet’s natural resources, and the staff enforces harsh penalties against companies whose operations violate the strict terms of their contracts. However, the OCI has been a den of bribery and corruption since the day it was first constructed, and it has long been suspected of hiring out contractors for illegal mining operations.

The Liavaran headquarters of the Stewards is located on Roselight, and its warrior-diplomats are ready to strike out into the gas giant or onto one of its moons at a moment’s notice. In addition, the Aspis Consortium openly maintains an office called Silver Drake, ostensibly to help police Liavara for illegal mining operations. However, most unaffiliated Roselighters are certain their presence and activity is a cover to allow the Consortium to scout out or even operate their own illegal deepdive mining runs. The Starfinder Society, for its part, operates out of the Dreamer Lodge, the only lodge serving Liavara and its moons. A blocky building incongruously called the Rose Garden is the permanent outpost of the Xenowardens on Liavara. The Xenowardens staunchly support Liavara’s status as a protectorate and oppose capitalistic efforts that might harm the planet’s natural environment, leading to frequent conflicts with various gas-mining interests.