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Source Galactic Magic pg. 131
N deity of N/A

As the Drift has grown, so too have its native beings known as the spectra, not only multiplying, but also generating several paragons of demigod power. The first of these arc spectra is Facilian, a divinity of beginnings, novel ideas, and experimentation. The relationship between the spectra and Triune is unclear, and the addition of Facilian does nothing to elucidate it. The spectra god is clearly allied with the All-Code, though they don’t appear to be its servant.
Also known as the Blossoming Fractal, Facilian appears to mortals when they have strokes of inspiration and breakthroughs in their work or overcome blocks in their perspectives. Facilian’s faith is in its infancy, driven by inventors, explorers, scientists, and those who challenge convention and forge their own paths. In return, Facilian occasionally appears to worshippers as they travel the Drift, granting visions of baffling signs and formulas that each viewer might adapt into their own breakthroughs.