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The Unriven Soul

Source Galactic Magic pg. 124
N god of cooperation, partner bonds, secret languages

Despite being comprised of the dragonkin Endrisarn and his bonded companion, the ryphorian Dagovin, the demigod Dagosarn functions as a single divinity. Together, they guide and champion anyone united through a supernatural bond, with a special emphasis on the dragonkin partner bond ritual. They sponsor these unions no matter the participants’ morality or deeds, for it’s the teamwork and bond that are sacred, less the justices or injustices perpetrated by a partnership. Dagosarn especially delights in the inside jokes and secret languages that close friends develop as they deepen their bond.
Myths suggest that Endrisarn and Dagovin were once bonded warriors who fought against Triaxus’s Drakelands. There, Dagovin died in combat, and the still-living Endrisarn chased his partner’s spirit along the River of Souls, catching up just as Dagovin went before Pharasma for judgment. Supposedly, Pharasma deemed that Dagovin could not be dead; half of him yet lived, so she annulled Dagovin’s demise and dismissed them to their home world. There, they emerged as inseparable halves of a single demigod. The myth has never been substantiated, yet it inspires Dagosarn’s and Pharasma’s followers to work together regularly. The Unriven Soul’s priests regularly bless corporate mergers, marriage ceremonies, reconciliations between estranged siblings, and other bonding events. Few outside Triaxus (much less the Pact Worlds) worship Dagosarn.