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Source Galactic Magic pg. 131
LN deity of N/A

Otolmens the Universal is one of the few primal inevitables to emerge from the Gap whole. She watches over the Material Plane to preserve the accurate function of the multiverse, endlessly locating and documenting galactic anomalies and disturbances for Axis’s planar records. The Universal personally oversaw the production of the first Anhamut inevitables constructed in Axis after receiving their blueprints in a mysterious signal now theorized to have come from Triune and the Drift. The Anhamut Edgeseekers, a group of inevitables dedicated to exploring and mapping the cosmos, report directly to her. Otolmens’s worshippers include engineers and mathematicians who pray to her for accurate calculations, bureaucrats or managers concerned with order and function, and galactic explorers who hope to make new discoveries and uncover hidden anomalies.