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The Forever Queen

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 486
LG goddess of diplomacy, first contact, friendship, peace
Centers of Worship Absalom Station, Castrovel, Nchak (Liavara), Verces
Symbol A shirren head crowned with stars
Alternative Theme Knowledge Reduce the DCs of Culture checks to recall knowledge about sapient species and races you haven’t encountered before by 5.
Favored Weapon Talon
Edicts Seek out relationships and build bonds with others, facilitate peaceful dialogue and exchange, welcome sapient creatures into the galactic community
Anathema Instigate a conflict, turn your back on a friend or ally, engage in hostilities without first attempting a peaceful solution
Blessings Your negotiations are triumphantly successful. Someone who doesn’t speak your language nevertheless understands you mean no harm. Three glowing stars appear over your head. A pleasant and soothing humming sound surrounds you.
Curses Your eloquent words land flat. You are constantly irritable. A sound like pincers on graphite follows you.

Before the Swarm became the monolithic hive mind of devastation that it is today, its members followed a goddess named Hylax. Shirrens believe that Hylax was the first of their species—a mortal queen who ascended to godhood to watch over her progeny for eternity. But when the Swarm rejected individuality for the collectivity of the hive, it abandoned Hylax as well. Hylax respected the Swarm’s choice and resolved not to interfere with its development, turning her attention to other sentient insectile species in the galaxy, but she always hoped her children would return to her. Eventually, the Forever Queen’s patience was rewarded when the shirrens broke from the Swarm’s hive mind and became individuals once more, rediscovering their ancient patron in the process.

Hylax knows that peace is a better state than war and that friendship is more rewarding than hostility. She teaches her followers to consistently use diplomacy in their dealings with others, to constantly strive for fellowship and harmony, and to always seek allies rather than conquest. But Hylax also realizes that sometimes diplomacy fails and that the peaceful must sometimes defend the innocent. There’s nothing wrong with failing to achieve peace—the moral imperative is simply to make the attempt, no matter how difficult or distasteful it might seem.

The intelligent arthropods of the Liavaran moon of Nchak have worshiped Hylax since even before the Gap, believing that their leaders are the mortal incarnations of the Forever Queen and striving to build their civilization in accordance with her teachings. Since the shirrens’ arrival, however, her faith has spread throughout the Pact Worlds. Shirrens make up the vast majority of Hylax’s followers, followed closely by formians, haan, and other insectile races, but diplomats, envoys, mediators, negotiators, and peacekeepers of all species venerate Hylax as well. Priests of Hylax often serve on starships engaged in interstellar exploration missions, acting as first contact specialists should their crews encounter new extraterrestrial species. Hylax’s hive-like temples may be found wherever species from different worlds mingle together, and all are welcome inside in the spirit of amity and harmony.

Though Hylax is traditionally a god of hive creatures, she’s paradoxically fond of individualism, and she encourages her followers to seek strength in community but recognize and embrace their individual value. Differences in doctrine and tradition among her followers are only natural, and while the Forever Queen of Nchak acts as supreme pontiff for her hive-based followers, shirrens are encouraged to have a more personal relationship with the divine.