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Source Galactic Magic pg. 130
LG goddess of N/A

The Warrior Maiden Duellona is an archon empyreal lord of bravery, warfare, and triumph. She represents the strength and unity of warriors fighting alongside each other, and she teaches her followers to be fearless even in the face of overwhelming adversity.
Duellona’s worship was concentrated on Daimalko until two centuries ago when a worldwide apocalypse devastated the planet. Many of the surviving damais still revere the Warrior Maiden, especially those in New Valor, where they fight against the colossi that infest their home world. Outside Daimalko, Duellona’s faithful are a constant but small minority among military groups and cultures with strong martial traditions. Although the Warrior Maiden sponsors soldiers, she also protects those involved in more figurative battles, such as those fighting xenophobic policies or chronic ailments.