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The Welcome Oblivion

Source Galactic Magic pg. 126
N goddess of forgetfulness, healing forgiveness, memory

Ancient beyond reckoning, Uvonn holds sway over memory, encouraging her followers, many of them telias, to embrace those recollections they enjoy and release those they don’t. Her followers believe this deliberate forgetfulness is good for body, mind, and spirit, as it can free those so burdened from hate, trauma, and bad habits; to forget promotes healing and forgiveness. Yet, Uvonn seems to forget nothing, and nothing surprises she who has seen everything countless times already.
Uvonn’s faith attracts addicts, amnesiacs, mesmerists, neurologists, and long-lived beings. Her faithful especially reveres the elderly. Although the majority of Uvonn’s followers are content to manipulate their own memories, some learn to tend, enhance, and erase the memories of others as a treatment. However, some extreme worshippers go out of their way to destroy records of harmful events they deem best left forgotten. Others use memory manipulation to create utopian communities where hardships and past tragedies can’t haunt the present.
Many of Uvonn’s followers believe she brought on the Gap as a way to bring peace to the universe through collective amnesia. If true, judging by the rampant chaos and violence throughout the galaxies, another Gap might be needed soon.