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The Lone Survivor

Source Galactic Magic pg. 126
NE god of dromadas, retreat, self-preservation

Colloquially known as the Coward’s God, Romgul encourages his followers to flee from danger and save themselves, even if it comes at the expense of others. Many suspect he’s the sole survivor of a long-dead dromadan pantheon, though no evidence supports these claims.
At first glance, Romgul espouses values integral to dromada society. He teaches that safety is hard earned: to survive, one must be cautious, vigilant, and constantly planning escape routes and contingencies. He encourages his followers to flee in the face of danger, for flight is tactical, not cowardly. Furthermore, Romgul suggests his followers gather in groups, for there is safety in numbers. But Romgul is a god of self-preservation, not safety, and he demands his followers put their personal survival first. When danger scatters a group, those who fall behind should be left behind—an action Romgul’s followers explain away as “for the good of the herd.”
Romgul enjoys tempting followers, offering them safety in exchange for devotion. Dromada who follow him revere him in secret, leading other dromadas to fret over who among them might secretly worship the selfish bogeyman.
Outside dromada society, Romgul enjoys more open worship. His faith attracts cowards, cynics, and scoundrels, as well as the downtrodden, people living in dangerous places, and anyone just trying to get by.