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The Covetous Protector

Source Galactic Magic pg. 122
LN god of collections, order, and preservation
Centers of Worship Rax, the Scoured Stars system
Symbol A gold prism on a black field

Long ago, Kadrical settled in the Scoured Stars system and adopted its inhabitants. He was determined to fill his domain with loyal followers and then preserve them and their legacies for all time. His influence brought order and prosperity, and he resented anything that disrupted his carefully cultivated domain, especially interstellar visitors who periodically threatened his charges. To shield his people, Kadrical encapsulated the entire trinary star system in an impenetrable barrier, preventing anyone from invading— or leaving. Over millennia, Kadrical lapsed into a sleep-like torpor, and his divine shield slowly faded. After generations of well‑intentioned imprisonment, many of his followers eagerly fled their overbearing patron.
Kadrical experienced occasional bouts of semi-lucidity, during which he demanded his wayward servants return; he dispatched his four divine heralds to shepherd them home, but even they resented his rule. The Covetous Protector awakened fully only when one of his heralds, Dhurus, attempted to drain Kadrical’s energy in a failed bid to usurp his master’s divinity. Through the combined efforts of his loyal herald Ailuros and the Starfinder Society, Kadrical retained his godhood, defeated Dhurus, and reclaimed the Scoured Stars.
Kadrical now scrutinizes this unfamiliar reality, weighing which aspects of the universe are worth preserving, and which he’d rather expel from his galactic domain. He still wishes for his servants’ return, and dispatches priests to convert or entice his escaped followers back into his embrace. However, Ailuros has prevented the jealous god from using more aggressive methods. It’s unclear whether Kadrical’s behavior might remain moderated through his herald’s guidance, or whether he might lapse into his jealous habits.
In the meantime, Kadrical has opened his domain to visitors, promising prosperity and protection to all who join his faith, regardless of their flaws, past, or enemies. This offer of sanctuary has attracted plenty of opportunistic converts fearing for their life or who wants a fresh start, such as colonists, criminals, scoundrels, the downtrodden, and the oppressed. Kadrical’s faith also attracts archivists, archaeologists, scientists, and scholars who hope to understand and preserve the past for posterity. In particular, Kadrical’s love of collections and preservation makes him popular among museum curators.
Only Ailuros currently serves Kadrical as herald; Dhurus lies dead, and the two others are missing. Kadrical’s priests, in their black attire and gold masks, hope to earn one of these positions through their achievements.