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The Incidental Epiphany

Source Galactic Magic pg. 125
NG goddess of disproven hypotheses and experiments

Once a mortal osharu scientist, Jalvari apotheosized accidentally through an experiment in space-time she cannot replicate. She remains as devoted to Yaraesa now as when she was mortal, and thus acts like Yaraesa’s unofficial herald while encouraging researchers in their quest for knowledge.
Rather than advocate for knowledge as a whole, Jalvari embodies the wisdom and insights earned through apparent failure and unexpected discoveries. She’s a tough-love patron whose praise for hard-earned breakthroughs is rivaled only by her approval when beloved theories crumble in the face of new evidence. She takes apparent delight in humbling arrogant scientists who can’t see beyond their own self-importance. Following her example, Jalvari’s disciples question academic dogma while passionately training the next generation’s researchers to overturn their teachers’ discoveries with ever more refined theorems.
To the soft-bodied osharus, Jalvari serves as a reminder that even though experiencing an unforgiving universe can invite harm or even death, surviving these figurative “critiques” ultimately transforms and uplifts the answer-seekers. Where she’s worshipped beyond Pabaq, prayers to Jalvari most often come from struggling scientists who need her wisdom and compassion to identify discoveries amid their apparent failures.