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Source Galactic Magic pg. 131
N god of N/A

Saloc is a psychopomp usher of personal agency and education, advocating for mortals in Pharasma’s Boneyard when they face their final judgment. They cherish living creatures’ free will and believe souls should be judged by both their intentions and the ultimate consequences of their actions. Saloc’s home is at the center of Spire’s Edge, a large planar city inhabited by the souls of mortals whose lives lacked ambition and meaning.
The Minder of Immortals is revered by lawyers, teachers, prisoners, and any who seek to control their fates in death through their choices in life. Saloc’s faithful also includes the Voyage Ordinant, a cult of traveling attorneys who take otherwise-hopeless cases and defend those who unintentionally run afoul of local laws and large corporate interests.