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The Conqueror

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 484
LE god of conquest, duty, war
Centers of Worship Akiton, Castrovel, Idari, the Veskarium
Symbol Red doshko energy blades on a black field
Alternative Theme Knowledge Reduce the DC of Culture checks to recall knowledge about the conquests, wars, and history of the Veskarium by 5.
Favored Weapon Doshko
Edicts Seek victory, subjugate your enemies, obey lawful orders from your superiors
Anathema Choose diplomacy over war, abandon your duty, reject honorable surrender
Blessings A weapon appears in your hand when needed. Your enemies flee or cower before you. You fight on past death.
Curses Your weapon breaks. Your strength in combat fails. Your resolve wavers when you face a new or unknown foe.

The vesk have always been a race of warriors and conquerors, but even though they’ve temporarily made peace with the Pact Worlds, Damoritosh remains a pillar of vesk society. To them, war and conquest are woven into the fabric of the universe, from plants’ and animals’ most basic conflicts to vast wars of ideology. One can choose to embrace this truth and secure a place in history with one’s triumphs, or one can deny it and die a coward’s death, scorned and forgotten. War requires sacrifice, however, and it is the duty of everyone in society to make whatever sacrifices are necessary to propel one’s species—or culture, empire, kingdom, or world—to victory.

Damoritosh is a harsh deity, with no concern for freedom or comfort. Sometimes called the Grim Commander, he demands soldier-like obedience from all who seek his blessing and pushes his followers to seek victory at all costs. Courage is an admirable trait, as is a militaristic sense of honor and oath keeping, but the will to fight and the drive to win are far more important to his adherents than such noble ideals as bravery or heroism. In their minds, the strong will always subjugate the weak, and so the best strategy is to project strength and defeat potential enemies before they can become a threat. Damoritosh is uninterested in diplomacy, as force and military prowess can win far greater rewards in a shorter amount of time, but he also encourages the acceptance of a foe’s honorable surrender to avoid wasting lives for no additional gain.

Damoritosh is the primary patron god of the vesk, but the Conqueror’s faith has spread throughout the Pact Worlds to mercenaries, soldiers, and warriors of all species, especially the kasathas and the lashuntas. Many of Damoritosh’s priests serve as mercenary commanders, military advisors, or chaplains in planetary defense forces, but others seek to live Damoritosh’s teachings as fully as possible, conquering minor dominions for themselves as petty warlords both within the Pact Worlds and on new worlds throughout the galaxy. Often built in traditional vesk architectural styles, Damoritosh’s temples are large bunker-like structures that can be easily fortified and defended by just a few warriors. Stockpiled with weapons and supplies, most churches can withstand a protracted siege or serve as a secure base for military operations, if necessary.

While many other races see Damoritosh as destructive, his congregations believe that conquest is a wave moving ever onward, and there’s no point in going back and mistreating those you’ve already bested, provided they remain deferential. His sacred weapon, the energy-bladed doshko, remains strongly associated with both his church and vesk warriors in general.