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Mistress of the Maze

Source Galactic Magic pg. 125
LN goddess of connections, navigation, patterns

To the uninitiated, Isvith is a nuar goddess who inspires mortals to discern the patterns hidden in all existence and apply it to their lives. To her closest worshippers, though, Isvith embodies the insights necessary to peel back the labyrinth of reality and navigate the cosmic secrets that lie beyond. Isvith’s lessons apply to countless skills and trades such as coding, engineering, and navigation; and even socially through haptics and politics. Isvith’s shrines stand along tangled streets or station corridors rather than on major thoroughfares.
Because her faith is practically endemic to Absalom Station and was virtually unknown before the Gap, a common theory posits she attained divinity through the Starstone. Isvith can’t confirm or deny this, though, as she embarked on “one final exploration” centuries ago, and vanished into a supernatural maze whose entrance closed behind her. Periodically, followers uncover clues to the maze’s location, nature, or layout, suggesting that the canniest devotees might be able to follow Isvith on her voyage. However, there are no such clues as to Isvith’s fate. Is she trapped within? Did she decide to stay or create the maze as an allegory for understanding the universe? Or might Isvith be the maze herself? No one can say for sure, but that doesn’t stop her faithful from seeking their own answers as they puzzle out this mystery, navigate the stars, and guide others through confounding circumstances.