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Source Galactic Magic pg. 131
NG god of N/A

Ranginori, the Zephyrous Prince, is one of two elemental lords of air and a god of freedom and atmospheres, both natural and artificial. His followers value independence and the freedom to both think and move freely across the galaxy. They work to keep space travel as safe and easy as possible, searching for stranded travelers in need of help and repairs. Many of them are interested in climate controls and creating artificial atmospheres, and Ranginori’s faithful are well represented among larger space stations’ and starships’ life support engineers.
For the most ambitious faithful, rehabilitating entire planets’ depleted atmospheres represents the ultimate expression of devotion. In the Pact Worlds, a large cohort of the Zephyrous Prince’s followers have set their sights on Eox, where they work with an eccentric group of undead to restore that planet’s obliterated atmosphere. Sarcessian guerrilla warriors regularly undermine these efforts, though, intent that Eox remain dead after having obliterated the sarcessians’ own planets.