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Source Galactic Magic pg. 131
CN god of N/A

Ydajisk is a protean lord of language, lost words, and change. It delights in linguistic invention and the evolution of languages, including every new piece of slang, every word borrowed from one language to another, every person who forges their own name, and every linguistic shift brought on by changes in time and culture.
The Mother of Tongues is worshipped by poets, librarians, and any who has experience with languages of any form, from the auditory to the cryptographic. Its followers view language as something chaotic and changing, forever in flux like the proteans themselves, and many find solace and freedom working around the defined structures of words or grammar rather than adhering to them. Ydajisk’s cults visit uninhabited worlds to learn and chronicle dead languages, and they shoot satellites into far space, decorated with words that have fallen out of use.