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The Calamitous Turn

Source Galactic Magic pg. 124
NG goddess of battle, fortune, halflings, mischief

Chaldira’s a nosy, hotheaded goddess dedicated to fighting for what’s right despite the odds or opposition. She encourages her followers to stand up for underdogs, speak in defense of the voiceless, rally against corruption, fight for the oppressed, and have a bit of fun along the way.
Bold and tenacious, Chaldira follows her heart, trusts her instincts, and encourages her worshippers to do the same. She took the Gap in stride and focuses on the present rather than the past. She embraces the modern world with enthusiasm, and enjoys testing new methods of mischief and mayhem. Despite her confrontational tendencies, she’s a stalwart ally and a caring goddess who delights in uniting people through laughter.
Although Chaldira is the patron of halflings, her faith attracts followers from all walks of life. Her worshippers include do‑gooders and hotheads, rebels and community leaders— anyone willing to stand against injustice, as well as entertainers, comedians, directors, and other artists who work to inspire change. Chaldirans believe it’s better to get in over your head doing the right thing than to stand idle in the face of evil.