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The Hidden Truth

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 485
N god of history, magic, secrets
Centers of Worship Aucturn, Castrovel, Eox, Idari
Symbol A glowing ring of magic runes
Alternative Theme Knowledge Reduce the DC of Mysticism checks to recall knowledge of magic secrets and traditions by 5.
Favored Weapon Singing spear
Edicts Uncover secrets and hidden knowledge, preserve history, master the magical arts
Anathema Reveal important secrets, wantonly destroy historical or magical relics, embrace technology over magic
Blessings Hidden patterns are revealed. You feel the course of history behind you. Magic comes more naturally to you.
Curses You are unable to keep a secret. Your deeds are erased from history. You lose the ability to use magic.

Eloritu is a mysterious deity who has been worshiped on a variety of worlds for millennia. When the species of the Pact Worlds first ventured into space, Eloritu’s worship was already well-established, with early explorers encountering his faith simultaneously in several different unconnected cultures. Eloritu’s church teaches that he hails from a place called Gemmenad, but whether that is a planet, a star system, or some extraplanar realm in the Great Beyond is unknown. Some believe that since the Gap and the fate of Golarion rank among the greatest secrets of the universe, Eloritu must have had something to do with both, but if so, that is just one more secret that the god keeps carefully hidden.

Eloritu teaches that while science and technology can do wondrous things, they are constrained by the laws of physics. Only magic can supersede those restraints, and those who employ magic to bend and exploit the natural laws of the universe possess a power that others can only dream of. This does not mean that Eloritu is opposed to technology. On the contrary, both magic and technology are tools that mortal races can use to unlock the mysteries of the universe. But while technology is generally designed to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible, magical practices are often deliberately obscure, requiring dedication, training, and a mastery of secrets that have been passed down for untold generations. Eloritu believes that history is both the story of the past and a guide to the future, and he teaches that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Unsurprisingly, many mystics and technomancers worship Eloritu as the god of magic, along with historians, kasathas, and xenoarchaeologists who seek an understanding of the past. Many of Eloritu’s priests and followers are Starfinders, as their work always holds the promise of uncovering new secrets. Eloritu’s temples host academies of magical learning and research, but they are often concealed or veiled in some way, requiring those who want to study the ways of the Hidden Truth to work to discover the knowledge they seek.

One of Eloritu’s most obvious mysteries is that of his holy symbol: a ring of six strange magical runes. While the lashuntas had utilized one of the runes for millennia in their magic, it wasn’t until the kasathas arrived with knowledge of one of the others that it became clear that some greater game was afoot. Today, the Pact Worlds have managed to identify four of Eloritu’s six sacred runes, all related to magical traditions of different races. What strange cultures might understand the remaining two—or what secrets combining all six might reveal—remains anyone’s guess.