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The Multitude

Source Galactic Magic pg. 125
CN deity of disguises, fluidity, identity, shapeshifters

Flux is a fluid deity who changes shape and identity at will while never revealing their true purpose or goals. Believed by their followers to be either the first shapeshifter or the creator of shapeshifters, Flux has supposedly experienced life as all species, all genders, all orientations, all expressions of life, and even beings and identities beyond comprehension. They’re the patron deity of shapeshifters, transmuters, and anyone who’s ever struggled with or changed their identity. In addition, Flux’s faith attracts actors, bodyguards, biotechnicians, doctors, psychologists, spies, and stunt doubles, as well as criminal elements such as blackmailers and identity thieves.
Flux’s teachings are ambiguous and open to personal interpretation, inspiring varied meanings to different people. Among astrazoans, Flux is a deity of self-expression and enjoyment. Reptoids know Flux as The Faceless, a master impersonator who manipulates world events to further their own inscrutable plots. To others, including barathu and brakim, Flux is the ultimate survivalist, quickly adapting to changing conditions in ways they could only dream of. Infamously, Flux answers dire prayers through divine metamorphosis, transforming a desperate worshipper into a drastically different form to fulfill their immediate desire in unpredictable ways.