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The Dancing Fury

Source Galactic Magic pg. 126
CE deity of battle, dance, freedom, pahtras, retribution

Once an amiable pahtra deity of art, Meyel became consumed with fury over the loss of the planet Pulonis to the Veskarium and the deaths of countless pahtras. Meyel, now a blood-soaked deity, urges pahtras to retake their home by any means necessary and to seek retribution against the Veskarium, believing vesk and their minions should pay a thousandfold for every drop of pahtra blood spilled. This isn’t considered thoughtless violence, but instead performance art to memorialize the wrongfully slain, and worshippers develop their own signatures in a twisted expression of virtuosity.
Meyel’s old faith, dedicated to dance and peaceful expression, survives. The two sects disdain each other yet rarely clash directly, with the less violent worshippers avidly seeking ways to shake their patron from their bloodlust. However, neither denomination receives kind treatment from the wary Veskarium, so many hide their faith out of self-preservation.