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Source Galactic Magic pg. 131
LE god of N/A

Malebranches are powerful devils dispatched by Hell with an infernal mandate to conquer worlds on the Material Plane. Most toil for centuries or millennia with little success. Occhiorasoi, the malebranche of distortion, coercion, and control known as the Cipher Tongue, is one of the few malebranches to succeed, establishing her as the ruler of the planet Embroi. From secret chambers hidden beneath the planet’s surface, she manipulates its inhabitants according to her whims and the will of Hell.
Through the Seekers, her chosen embri, Occhiorasoi’s galactic influence grows. Her cult attracts those who desire power and leadership, though their ambition only binds them and their souls to Hell. The malebranche encourages her faithful to recruit their own followings or to infiltrate and conquer other organizations, gaining influence by amassing minions.