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The Unstoppable

Source Galactic Magic pg. 120
N deity of change, energy, motion
Centers of Worship Aballon, Absalom Station, Idari, the Vast, Verces
Symbol A starship performing a slingshot maneuver past a bursting star

The universe’s unending expansion attests to a state of constant motion; everything within acting on and propelled by energy. Imperceptible atomic movements create the elements, a spark triggers the reactions powering a vessel, a nuclear explosion levels an entire region in seconds. For civilization, this power enables progress and regress. Accelsys influences these actions, as their power battles stagnation and catalyzes the Infinite Movement—the constant motion that defines the universe.
Accelsys supposedly originated from energy present at the moment of the universe’s creation. Other theories claim Accelsys attained divinity in response to mortal ingenuity, as they came to embody energy’s robust cycle of ebb and flow that resulted from technological and magical advancements. Though noted to have many other forms, Accelsys often manifests as an immense, highly advanced starship. Colors flashing across the entire light spectrum mark their transforming exterior and serve as signifier of their identity, regardless of the form they take. Religious scholars believe the Unstoppable traverses the Material Plane at faster-than-light speeds, independent of the Drift, though the universe’s vastness makes direct sightings rare.
The Infinite Movement—the notion that the universe exists through constant change—most concretely sums up Accelsys’s actions despite their unclear motivations. In fulfilling that nebulous mandate, Accelsys houses a crew known as the Restless Vanguard, composed of heralds and elevated devotees they deploy in auxiliary vessels made in their own image. Accelsys uses the Vanguard’s excursions to reconnoiter areas and events that possess the most potential for the Infinite Movement, from interplanetary battlegrounds to impending supernovas, or to locate entities that seek universal stagnation. Sometimes, the Unstoppable or their followers revel in simply witnessing these occurrences, orbiting inscrutably near anticipated flash points. Other times, disciples act as mortal envoys or instigators, influencing progress or conflict on behalf of their deity.
Accelsys’s faith spans the universe but maintains no formal associations with any planet or mortal organization. Their worshippers include those motivated by pursuing movement, such as daredevils, philosophers, pilots, and scientists. The especially devout follow nomadic lifestyles, believing constant travel best demonstrates Accelsys’s tenets. Others seek to innovate technology and magic, developing more ways to amass and utilize energy, in the process affecting changes both great and terrible.