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Starfinder Core Rulebook

Estimated Release Date: 8/17/2017
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Afflictions - Curses [5]

Curse of Lethargy, Curse of the Miser, Curse of the Ravenous, Curse of the Vainglorious, Curse of the Zealous

Afflictions - Diseases [14]

Addiction, Blinding Sickness, Bubonic Plague, Cackle Fever, Demon Fever, Devil Chills, Filth Fever, Leprosy, Mindfire, Mummy Rot, Radiation Sickness, Red Ache, Shakes, Slimy Doom

Afflictions - Drugs [4]

Dreamshiver, Hyperleaf, Megaopiate, Transdimensional Pesh

Afflictions - Poisons [9]

Black Lotus Extract, Blue Whinnis, Deathblade, Green Lotus Extract, Id Moss, Insanity Mist, Radiation, Shadow Essence, Ungol Dust

Archetypes [2]

Phrenic Adept, Starfinder Forerunner

Classes [7]

Envoy, Mechanic, Mystic, Operative, Solarian, Soldier, Technomancer

Classes - Builds [28]

Ambassador (Envoy), Battlemage (Technomancer), Bodyguard (Soldier), Champion (Solarian), Close Combatant (Soldier), Combat Technician (Mechanic), Corporate Techmage (Technomancer), Cosmic Mercenary (Solarian), Crusader Chaplain (Mystic), Empath (Mystic), Enhanced Commando (Mechanic), Hacker (Operative), Investigator (Operative), Luminous Explorer (Solarian), Military Officer (Envoy), Negotiator (Envoy), Outcast (Solarian), Research Scientist (Technomancer), Saboteur (Mechanic), Scoundrel (Envoy), Sniper (Soldier), Spellsoldier (Soldier), Star Shaman (Mystic), Starship Engineer (Mechanic), Thaumaturge (Technomancer), Thief (Operative), Trailblazer (Operative), Xenodruid (Mystic)

Classes - Drone Chassis [3]

Combat Drone, Hover Drone, Stealth Drone

Classes - Drone Mods [30]

Armor Slot, Camera, Cargo Rack, Climbing Claws, Echolocators, Energy Shield, Enhanced Armor, Enhanced Senses, Excavator, Extra Ammo, Flight System, Greater Resistance, Hardened AI, Hydrojets, Invisibility Field, Jump Jets, Manipulator Arms, Medical Subroutine, Melee Weapon Arm, Reactive Camouflage, Reductive Plating, Resistance, Riding Saddle, Shock Wave, Skill Subroutines, Smuggler's Compartment, Speed, Tool Arm, Weapon Mount, Weapon Proficiency

Classes - Exocortex [7]

Combat Tracking, Exocortex Mods, Memory Module, Multitasking, Quad Tracking, Twin Tracking, Wireless Hack

Classes - Expertise Talents [19]

Additional Skill Expertise, Altered Bearing, Analyst, Cautious Expertise, Convincing Liar, Cultural Savant, Cunning Disguise, Engineering Adept, Expert Forger, Fast Hack, Inspired Medic, Keen Observer, Menacing Gaze, Rattling Presence, Skilled Linguist, Slick Customer, Student of Technology, Surgeon, Well Informed

Classes - Fighting Styles [7]

Arcane Assailant, Armor Storm, Blitz, Bombard, Guard, Hit-and-Run, Sharpshoot

Classes - Gear Boosts [12]

Anchoring Arcana, Armored Advantage, Brutal Blast, Bullet Barrage, Electric Arc, Flash Freeze, Heavy Onslaught, Laser Accuracy, Melee Striker, Plasma Immolation, Powerful Explosive, Sonic Resonance

Classes - Improvisations [28]

Clever Attack, Clever Feint, Clever Improvisations, Desperate Defense, Dispiriting Taunt, Don't Quit, Draw Fire, Duck Under, Expanded Attunement, Expert Attack, Focus, Get 'Em, Heads Up, Hidden Agenda, Hurry, Improved Get 'Em, Improved Hurry, Inspiring Boost, Long-Range Improvisation, Look Alive, Not in the Face, Quick Dispiriting Taunt, Quick Inspiring Boost, Situational Awareness, Sustained Determination, Universal Expression, Watch Out, Watch Your Step

Classes - Magic Hacks [31]

Charging Jolt, Countertech, Countertech Sentinel, Debug Spell, Distant Spell, Diviner's Tap, Empowered Weapon, Energize Spell, Eternal Spell, Extended Spell, Fabricate Arms, Fabricate Tech, Flash Teleport, Harmful Spells, Magic Negation, Mental Mark, Phase Shot, Quick Scan, Quickened Spell, Rain of Fire, Reboot Mind, Robot Influence, Seeking Shot, Selective Targeting, Spell Countermeasures, Spell Grenade, Spell Library, Spellshot, Tech Countermeasures, Technomantic Proficiency, Widened Spell

Classes - Mechanic Tricks [30]

Boost Shield, Distracting Hack, Drone Meld, Energy Shield, Engineer's Eye, Extra Mod, Ghost Intrusion, Hack Directory, Holographic Projector, Hyperclocking, Improved Overcharge, Improved Resistant Energy, Invisibility Bypass Processor, Invisibility-Hampering Projector, Mod Tinkerer, Neural Shunt, Nightvision Processor, Overcharge, Overclocking, Overload Weapon, Portable Power, Quick Patch, Quick Repair, Repair Drone, Resistant Energy, Saboteur, Scoutbot, Superior Overcharge, Ultraclocking, Visual Data Processor

Classes - Mystic Connections [7]

Akashic, Empath, Healer, Mindbreaker, Overlord, Star Shaman, Xenodruid

Classes - Operative Specializations [7]

Daredevil, Detective, Explorer, Ghost, Hacker, Spy, Thief

Classes - Operative Exploits [38]

Alien Archive, Bleeding Shot, Certainty, Cloaking Field, Combat Trick, Deactivating Shot, Debilitating Sniper, Efficient Cloaking Field, Elusive Hacker, Enhanced Senses, Ever Vigilant, Field Treatment, Glimpse the Truth, Hampering Shot, Holographic Clone, Holographic Distraction, Improved Evasion, Improved Quick Movement, Improved Uncanny Mobility, Inoculation, Interfering Shot, Jack of All Trades, Knockout Shot, Master of Disguise, Mentalist's Bane, Multiattack Mastery, Nightvision, Quick Disguise, Speed Hacker, Staggering Shot, Stalwart, Stunning Shot, Sure-Footed, Uncanny Mobility, Uncanny Pilot, Uncanny Senses, Uncanny Shooter, Versatile Movement

Classes - Stellar Revelations [31]

Astrologic Sense, Black Hole, Blazing Orbit, Corona, Crush, Dark Matter, Defy Gravity, Flare, Glow of Life, Gravity Anchor, Gravity Boost, Gravity Hold, Gravity Shield, Gravity Surge, Hypnotic Glow, Miniature Star, Plasma Sheath, Radiation, Ray of Light, Reflection, Solar Acceleration, Soul Furnace, Starquake, Stealth Warp, Stellar Rush, Sunbolt, Supernova, Time Dilation, Ultimate Graviton, Ultimate Photon, Wormholes

Equipment - Armor [80]

Lashunta Tempweave (Advanced), Iridishell (Advanced), Iridishell (Basic), Defrex Hide (Basic), Lashunta Tempweave (Basic), Echelon Fashion (Bespoke), Stationwear (Business), Stationwear (Casual), Ceremonial Plate (Commander), Carbon Skin (Diamond), Hardlight Series (Elite), Stationwear (Elite), Defiance Series (Elite), Aegis Series (Elite), Enginerunner, Skyfire Armor (Exident), Stationwear (Flight Suit), AbadarCorp Travel Suit (Gold), Carbon Skin (Graphite), Hidden Soldier Armor, Golemforged Plating (I), Lashunta Ringwear (I), Vesk Monolith (I), Vesk Overplate (I), Freebooter Armor (I), Kasatha Microcord (I), Estex Suit (I), D-Suit (I), Estex Suit (II), Freebooter Armor (II), Kasatha Microcord (II), D-Suit (II), Lashunta Ringwear (II), Vesk Overplate (II), Golemforged Plating (II), Vesk Monolith (II), Vesk Monolith (III), Golemforged Plating (III), Lashunta Ringwear (III), Vesk Overplate (III), Estex Suit (III), Kasatha Microcord (III), D-Suit (III), Freebooter Armor (III), Kasatha Microcord (IV), D-Suit (IV), Estex Suit (IV), Freebooter Armor (IV), Golemforged Plating (IV), Lashunta Ringwear (IV), Vesk Overplate (IV), Carbon Skin (Nanotube), Ceremonial Plate (Officer), Skyfire Armor (Pinion), AbadarCorp Travel Suit (Platinum), Echelon Fashion (Ready to Wear), Second Skin, Shotalashu Armor, AbadarCorp Travel Suit (Silver), Defiance Series (Specialist), Hardlight Series (Specialist), Aegis Series (Specialist), Defiance Series (Squad), Aegis Series (Squad), Hardlight Series (Squad), Steelbones, Iridishell (Superior), Swarmsuit, Thinplate, Ceremonial Plate (Troop), Freebooter Armor (V), Lashunta Ringwear (V), Golemforged Plating (V), D-Suit (V), Vesk Overplate (V), D-Suit (VI), Vitrum Plate, Voidshield Armor, Carbon Skin (White Carbon), Ysoki Refractor Suit

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [36]

Automated Loader, Backup Generator, Force Field (Black), Force Field (Blue), Force Field (Brown), Deflective Reinforcement, Exit Pod, Filtered Rebreather, Forcepack, Force Field (Gray), Force Field (Green), Haste Circuit, Infrared Sensors, Jetpack, Jump Jets, Load Lifter, Thermal Capacitor (MK 1), Electrostatic Field (MK 1), Spell Reflector (MK 1), Electrostatic Field (MK 2), Thermal Capacitor (MK 2), Spell Reflector (MK 2), Thermal Capacitor (MK 3), Electrostatic Field (MK 3), Force Field (Orange), Phase Shield, Force Field (Prismatic), Force Field (Purple), Quick-Release Sheath, Radiation Buffer, Force Field (Red), Sonic Dampener, Targeting Computer, Tensile Reinforcement, Titan Shield, Force Field (White)

Equipment - Biotech [10]

Adaptive Biochains, Climbing Suckers, Gill Sheath, Skin of the Chameleon, Dragon Gland (Standard), Tympanal Cluster, Venom Spur, Wildwise, Dragon Gland (Wyrm), Dragon Gland (Wyrmling)

Equipment - Computer Modifications [20]

Alarm, Artificial Personality, Secure Data (Average), Control (Complex), Fake Shell, Feedback, Firewall, Hardened, Range (I (100 feet)), Range (II (1 mile)), Range (III (planetwide)), Secure Data (Large), Lockout, Miniaturization, Security, Self-Charging, Shock Grid, Secure Data (Specific), Spell Chip, Wipe

Equipment - Cybernetics [28]

Datajack (Accelerated), Darkvision Capacitors (Advanced), Cardiac Accelerator, Speed Suspension (Complete), Cybernetic Arm (Dual), Datajack (High-Density), Darkvision Capacitors (Long-Range), Speed Suspension (Minimal), Dermal Plating (Mk 1), Dermal Plating (Mk 2), Dermal Plating (Mk 3), Dermal Plating (Mk 4), Dermal Plating (Mk 5), Dermal Plating (Mk 6), Dermal Plating (Mk 7), Polyhand, Hideaway Limb (Quickdraw), Respiration Compounder, Retinal Reflectors, Cybernetic Arm (Single), Datajack (Standard), Darkvision Capacitors (Standard), Hideaway Limb (Standard), Prosthetic Limb (Standard), Speed Suspension (Standard), Prosthetic Limb (Storage), Vocal Modulator, Wide-Spectrum Ocular Implant

Equipment - Hybrid Items [15]

Digital Harrow Deck, Efficient Bandolier, Mindlink Circlet (Mk 1), Mnemonic Editor (Mk 1), Null-Space Chamber (Mk 1), Mindlink Circlet (Mk 2), Null-Space Chamber (Mk 2), Mnemonic Editor (Mk 2), Null-Space Chamber (Mk 3), Mindlink Circlet (Mk 3), Mnemonic Editor (Mk 3), Null-Space Chamber (Mk 4), Mnemonic Editor (Mk 4), Psychic Booster, Starstone Compass

Equipment - Magic Items [44]

Spell Gem (0), Spell Ampoule (0), Spell Ampoule (1st), Spell Gem (1st), Spell Gem (2nd), Spell Ampoule (2nd), Spell Ampoule (3rd), Spell Gem (3rd), Spell Gem (4th), Spell Gem (5th), Spell Gem (6th), Amulet of Camouflage, Charge Cloak, Aeon Stone (Clear Spindle), Serum of Enhancement (Commando), Aeon Stone (Dark Blue Rhomboid), Serum of Enhancement (Diplomat), Glove of Storing, Aeon Stone (Iridescent Spindle), Ring of Resistance (Mk 1), Tiara of Translocation (Mk 1), Serum of Healing (Mk 1), Serum of Healing (Mk 2), Tiara of Translocation (Mk 2), Ring of Resistance (Mk 2), Ring of Resistance (Mk 3), Tiara of Translocation (Mk 3), Serum of Healing (Mk 3), Tiara of Translocation (Mk 4), Ring of Resistance (Mk 4), Ring of Resistance (Mk 5), Aeon Stone (Pearly White Spindle), Ring of Cosmic Alignment, Ring of Sustenance, Ring of Whispers, Rod of Cancellation, Serum of Enhancement (Scientist), Serum of Enhancement (Sensate), Serum of Appearance Change, Serum of Sex Shift, Shadow Orb, Serum of Enhancement (Sneak), Staff of Mystic Healing, Serum of Enhancement (Warrior)

Equipment - Other Items [60]

Spellcasting (0-level Spell), Recharging Stations (1 round/charge), Suite (1-2 Beds), Spellcasting (1st-level Spell), Spellcasting (2nd-level Spell), Suite (3-4 Beds), Spellcasting (3rd-level Spell), Spellcasting (4th-level Spell), Spellcasting (5th-level Spell), Spellcasting (6th-level Spell), Bonding Epoxy, Textiles (Common), Meal (Common), Starship Passage (Common), Communications, Backpack (Consumer), Efficiency, Clothing (Environmental), Clothing (Everyday), Field Ration, Textiles (Fine), Fine Art, Clothing (Formal), Gear Clamp, Gem, Meal (Good), Starship Passage (Good), Grain, Grav-Train Passage, Hygiene Kit, Backpack (Industrial), Starship Passage (Luxurious), Tent (Mass Produced), Intoxicant (Minor), Tent (Mobile Hotelier), Meal (Poor), Clothing (Professional), Professional Freelancer, R2E, Robo-Taxi Passage, Sea Vessel Passage, Sleep Pod, Space Suit, Suborbital Flight, Intoxicant (Superior), Analgesic (Tier 1), Antitoxin (Tier 1), Sedative (Tier 1), Sedative (Tier 2), Antitoxin (Tier 2), Analgesic (Tier 2), Analgesic (Tier 3), Antitoxin (Tier 3), Sedative (Tier 3), Sedative (Tier 4), Antitoxin (Tier 4), Analgesic (Tier 4), Clothing (Travel), Unskilled Labor, UPB (1000)

Equipment - Personal Upgrades [9]

Ability Crystal (Magic) (MK 1), Synaptic Accelerators (Technology) (MK 1), Synergizing Symbiote (Hybrid) (MK 1), Synergizing Symbiote (Hybrid) (MK 2), Synaptic Accelerators (Technology) (MK 2), Ability Crystal (Magic) (MK 2), Ability Crystal (Magic) (MK 3), Synaptic Accelerators (Technology) (MK 3), Synergizing Symbiote (Hybrid) (MK 3)

Equipment - Powered Armor [5]

Battle Harness, Cargo Lifter, Flight Frame, Jarlslayer, Spider Harness

Equipment - Special Materials [6]

Adamantine Alloy (Ammunition (1 piece)), Adamantine Alloy (Weapon), Cold Iron (Ammunition (1 piece)), Cold Iron (Weapon), Silver (Ammunition (1 piece)), Silver (Weapon)

Equipment - Technological Items [32]

Cable Line (Adamantine Alloy), Medkit (Advanced), Lock (Average), Medkit (Basic), Portable Light (Beacon), Restraints (Binders), Detonator, Tool Kit (Engineering Specialty), Fire Extinguisher, Portable Light (Flashlight), Lock (Good), Grappler, Holoskin, Portable Light (Lantern), Scanner (Laser Microphone), Restraints (Manacles), Medical Lab, Medpatch, Scanner (Motion Detector), Comm Unit (Personal), Regeneration Table, Signal Jammer, Lock (Simple), Portable Light (Spotlight), Sprayflesh, Spy Drone, Lock (Superior), Comm Unit (System-Wide), Cable Line (Titanium Alloy), Tool Kit, Comm Unit (Unlimited), Scanner (X-Ray Visor)

Equipment - Weapon Fusions [36]

Anarchic, Anchoring, Axiomatic, Bane, Blasting, Bleeding, Burst, Called, Corrosive, Deafening, Defiant, Devastating, Dispelling, Disruptive, Durable, Entangling, Flaming, Frost, Ghost Killer, Glamered, Holy, Hybridized, Illuminating, Knockdown, Merciful, Ominous, Returning, Seeking, Shock, Spellthrower, Thundering, Trailblazer, Unholy, Venomous, Vorpal, Wounding

Equipment - Weapons [328]

Starknife (Accelerated), Cryopike (Advanced), Baton (Advanced), Doshko (Advanced), Pike (Advanced), Swoop Hammer (Advanced), Semi-Auto Pistol (Advanced), Gyrojet Pistol (Advanced), Autobeam Rifle (Advanced), Magnetar Rifle (Advanced), Seeker Rifle (Advanced), Gyrojet Rifle (Advanced), Arc Emitter (Advanced), Zero Cannon (Advanced), Autobeam Artillery (Advanced), X-Gen Gun (Advanced), Crossbolter (Advanced), Reaction Cannon (Advanced), Shirren-Eye Rifle (Advanced), Missile (Advanced), Artillery Laser (Aphelion), Laser Pistol (Aphelion), Laser Rifle (Aphelion), Devastation Blade (Apocalypse), Arrows, Hammer (Assault), Shock Truncheon (Aurora), Arc Pistol (Aurora), Shock Caster (Aurora), Arc Rifle (Aurora), Autotarget Rifle, Zero Rifle (Avalanche-Class), Zero Pistol (Avalanche-Class), Laser Pistol (Azimuth), Laser Rifle (Azimuth), Artillery Laser (Azimuth), Sonic Rifle (Banshee), Sonic Pistol (Banshee), Pulse Gauntlet (Banshee), Staff (Battle), Flame Doshko (Blaze), Zero Rifle (Blizzard-Class), Zero Pistol (Blizzard-Class), Plasma Doshko (Blue Star), Plasma Pistol (Blue Star), Plasma Sword (Blue Star), Plasma Caster (Blue Star), Plasma Rifle (Blue Star), Plasma Cannon (Blue Star), Bow, Spear (Buzzblade), Dueling Sword (Buzzblade), Curve Blade (Buzzblade), Staff (Carbon), Curve Blade (Carbon Steel), Carbonedge Shuriken (10), Battleglove (Cestus), Club, Combat Rifle, Hammer (Comet), Acid Dart Rifle (Complex), Artillery Laser (Corona), Laser Pistol (Corona), Laser Rifle (Corona), Darts, Doshko (Dimensional Blade), Curve Blade (Dimensional Slice), Starknife (Dimensional Slice), Longsword (Dimensional Slice), Acid Dart Rifle (Dual), Crossbolter (Dual), Magnetar Rifle (Elite), Gyrojet Rifle (Elite), Seeker Rifle (Elite), Autobeam Rifle (Elite), Autobeam Artillery (Elite), Zero Cannon (Elite), X-Gen Gun (Elite), Crossbolter (Elite), Reaction Cannon (Elite), Shirren-Eye Rifle (Elite), Pike (Elite), Gyrojet Pistol (Elite), Semi-Auto Pistol (Elite), Flame Doshko (Ember), Fangblade, Flamethrower (Firedrake-Class), Flame Pistol, Flame Rifle, Flare, Zero Rifle (Frostbite-Class), Zero Pistol (Frostbite-Class), Scattergun (Grapeshot), Battleglove (Gravity), Spear (Gravity), Hammer (Gravity Well), Graviton (Greater), Photon (Greater), W-Boson (Greater), Gluon (Greater), Grindblade, Zero Pistol (Hailstorm-Class), Zero Rifle (Hailstorm-Class), Staff (Hardlight), Stellar Cannon (Heavy), Machine Gun (Heavy), Reaction Cannon (Heavy), Rounds (Heavy), Flamethrower (Hellhound-Class), Sonic Rifle (HFD), Streetsweeper (HFD), Screamer (HFD), Pulse Gauntlet (HFD), Sonic Pistol (HFD), Battery (High-Capacity), Petrol Tank (High-Capacity), Hunting Rifle, Grenade Arrow (I), Flamethrower (Ifrit-Class), Grenade Arrow (II), Grenade Arrow (III), IMDS Missile Launcher, Scattergun (Impact), Incapacitator, Skyfire Sword (Inferno), Flame Doshko (Inferno), Injection Glove, Grenade Arrow (IV), Graviton (Least), Photon (Least), W-Boson (Least), Gluon (Least), Graviton (Lesser), Photon (Lesser), W-Boson (Lesser), Gluon (Lesser), Pulse Gauntlet (LFD), Sonic Pistol (LFD), Sonic Rifle (LFD), Streetsweeper (LFD), Screamer (LFD), Machine Gun (Light), Stellar Cannon (Light), Reaction Cannon (Light), Starknife (Lightspeed), Rounds (Longarm and Sniper), Swoop Hammer (Mach I), Swoop Hammer (Mach II), Swoop Hammer (Mach III), Machine Gun (Medium), NIL Grenade Launcher (Merc), Hammer (Meteoric), Longsword (Microserrated), Mini-Rockets, Graviton (Minor), Photon (Minor), W-Boson (Minor), Gluon (Minor), Stickybomb Grenade (Mk 1), Flash Grenade (Mk 1), Incendiary Grenade (Mk 1), Frag Grenade (Mk 1), Shock Grenade (Mk 1), Screamer Grenade (Mk 1), Cryo Grenade (Mk 1), Flash Grenade (Mk 2), Incendiary Grenade (Mk 2), Shock Grenade (Mk 2), Stickybomb Grenade (Mk 2), Frag Grenade (Mk 2), Screamer Grenade (Mk 2), Cryo Grenade (Mk 2), Screamer Grenade (Mk 3), Cryo Grenade (Mk 3), Frag Grenade (Mk 3), Incendiary Grenade (Mk 3), Shock Grenade (Mk 3), Stickybomb Grenade (Mk 3), Flash Grenade (Mk 3), Incendiary Grenade (Mk 4), Frag Grenade (Mk 4), Shock Grenade (Mk 4), Flash Grenade (Mk 4), Screamer Grenade (Mk 4), Cryo Grenade (Mk 4), Frag Grenade (Mk 5), Incendiary Grenade (Mk 5), Shock Grenade (Mk 5), Incendiary Grenade (Mk 6), Frag Grenade (Mk 6), Frag Grenade (Mk 7), Frag Grenade (Mk 8), Longsword (Molecular Rift), Dagger (Molecular Rift), Dueling Sword (Molecular Rift), Doshko (Molecular Rift), Monowhip, Needler Pistol, Needler Rifle, Battleglove (Nova), Taclash (Numbing), Nyfiber Net, Shirren-Eye Rifle (Paragon), Crossbolter (Paragon), Reaction Cannon (Paragon), X-Gen Gun (Paragon), Magnetar Rifle (Paragon), Gyrojet Rifle (Paragon), Seeker Rifle (Paragon), Semi-Auto Pistol (Paragon), Laser Pistol (Parallax), Laser Rifle (Parallax), Artillery Laser (Parallax), Peacemaker, Laser Pistol (Perihelion), Laser Rifle (Perihelion), Artillery Laser (Perihelion), Flamethrower (Phoenix-Class), Battleglove (Power), Pulsecaster Pistol, Pulsecaster Rifle, Plasma Rifle (Red Star), Plasma Cannon (Red Star), Plasma Pistol (Red Star), Plasma Sword (Red Star), Plasma Doshko (Red Star), Staff (Repeller), Dueling Sword (Ripper), Devastation Blade (Ruin), Flamethrower (Salamander-Class), Scattergun Shells, Staff (Sentinel), Spear (Sentinel), Longsword (Sintered), Starknife (Sintered), Rounds (Small Arm), Smoke Grenade, Scattergun (Snub), Flame Doshko (Solar Flare), Machine Gun (Squad), NIL Grenade Launcher (Squad), Battery (Standard), Taclash (Standard), Longsword (Standard), Petrol Tank (Standard), Graviton (Standard), Photon (Standard), W-Boson (Standard), Gluon (Standard), Shock Truncheon (Static), Arc Pistol (Static), Shock Caster (Static), Arc Rifle (Static), Arc Rifle (Storm), Shock Caster (Storm), Arc Pistol (Storm), Shock Truncheon (Storm), Battery (Super-Capacity), Knife (Survival), Flare Gun (Survival), Swoop Hammer (Tactical), Doshko (Tactical), Pike (Tactical), Autobeam Rifle (Tactical), Gyrojet Pistol (Tactical), Semi-Auto Pistol (Tactical), Dueling Sword (Tactical), Knife (Tactical), Baton (Tactical), Plasma Sword (Tactical), Skyfire Sword (Tactical), Spear (Tactical), Starknife (Tactical), Cryopike (Tactical), Shirren-Eye Rifle (Tactical), X-Gen Gun (Tactical), Reaction Cannon (Tactical), Zero Cannon (Tactical), Autobeam Artillery (Tactical), Magnetar Rifle (Tactical), Seeker Rifle (Tactical), Gyrojet Rifle (Tactical), Arc Emitter (Tactical), Acid Dart Rifle (Tactical), Crossbolter (Tactical), Missile (Tactical), Arc Rifle (Tempest), Shock Caster (Tempest), Shock Truncheon (Tempest), Pulse Gauntlet (Thunderstrike), Sonic Pistol (Thunderstrike), Screamer (Thunderstrike), Sonic Rifle (Thunderstrike), Streetsweeper (Thunderstrike), Gluon (True), Graviton (True), Photon (True), W-Boson (True), Battery (Ultra-Capacity), Longsword (Ultraserrated), Longsword (Ultrathin), Dueling Sword (Ultrathin), Dagger (Ultrathin), Curve Blade (Ultrathin), Doshko (Ultrathin), Unarmed Strike, Scattergun (Utility), Scattergun (Vortex), Shirren-Eye Rifle (Warpshot), Plasma Cannon (White Star), Plasma Caster (White Star), Plasma Rifle (White Star), Plasma Sword (White Star), Plasma Doshko (White Star), Plasma Pistol (White Star), Devastation Blade (Wrack), Plasma Pistol (Yellow Star), Plasma Doshko (Yellow Star), Plasma Sword (Yellow Star), Plasma Rifle (Yellow Star), Plasma Cannon (Yellow Star), Artillery Laser (Zenith), Laser Rifle (Zenith), Laser Pistol (Zenith), Doshko (Zero-Edge), Spear (Zero-Edge), Dagger (Zero-Edge), Longsword (Zero-Edge)

Feats [97]

Adaptive Fighting, Advanced Melee Weapon Proficiency, Agile Casting, Amplified Glitch, Antagonize, Barricade, Basic Melee Weapon Proficiency, Blind-Fight, Bodyguard, Cleave, Climbing Master, Combat Casting, Connection Inkling, Coordinated Shot, Deadly Aim, Deflect Projectiles, Diehard, Dive for Cover, Diversion, Drag Down, Enhanced Resistance, Extra Resolve, Far Shot, Fast Talk, Fleet, Fusillade, Great Cleave, Great Fortitude, Greater Feint, Greater Spell Penetration, Grenade Proficiency, Harm Undead, Heavy Armor Proficiency, Heavy Weapon Proficiency, Improved Combat Maneuver, Improved Critical, Improved Feint, Improved Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative, Improved Iron Will, Improved Lightning Reflexes, Improved Sidestep, Improved Stand Still, Improved Unarmed Strike, In Harm’s Way, Iron Will, Jet Dash, Kip Up, Light Armor Proficiency, Lightning Reflexes, Longarm Proficiency, Lunge, Major Psychic Power, Master Crafter, Medical Expert, Minor Psychic Power, Mobility, Multi-Weapon Fighting, Mystic Strike, Nimble Moves, Opening Volley, Parting Shot, Penetrating Attack, Penetrating Spell, Powered Armored Proficiency, Psychic Power, Pull the Pin, Quick Draw, Reflect Projectiles, Shot on the Run, Sidestep, Skill Focus, Skill Synergy, Sky Jockey, Slippery Shooter, Small Arm Proficiency, Sniper Weapon Proficiency, Special Weapon Proficiency, Spell Focus, Spell Penetration, Spellbane, Spring Attack, Spry Cover, Stand Still, Step Up, Step Up and Strike, Strike Back, Suppressive Fire, Swimming Master, Technomantic Dabbler, Toughness, Unfriendly Fire, Veiled Threat, Versatile Focus, Versatile Specialization, Weapon Focus, Weapon Specialization

Races [13]

Android, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc, Human, Kasatha, Lashunta, Shirren, Vesk, Ysoki

Rules [320]

1d6, 1d20, etc., Abbreviations, Abilities and Spell Effects on Large Vehicles, Ability Checks, Ability Damage, Ability Penalties, Ability Drain, and Negative Levels, Ability Descriptions, Ability Descriptions, Ability Modifiers and Ability Checks, Ability Score Modifiers, Ability Scores, Ability Scores, Acquiring Skills, Action Types, Actions, Actions, Actions in Combat, Additional Movement Types, Adventures and Campaigns, Afflictions, Alignment, Alignment, Size, Type, and Subtype, Alternate Class Features, Archetypes, Area, Armor, Armor, Armor Class, Armor Class (AC), Armor Class (AC), Armor Proficiency, Armor Upgrades, Astronomical Objects, Atmospheres, Attack Roll, Attack Roll, Attacking, Attacking from a Vehicle, Attacks, Augmentations, Aura, Autocontrol, Autopilot, Base Attack Bonus and Iterative Attacks, Basic Attack and Damage Bonuses, Before the Game, Beginning and Ending Combat, Beginning Starship Combat, Biomes, Bonus Types, Bonuses, Bonuses and Penalties, Breaking Objects, Building a Starship, Building an Adventure, Building Starships, Buying Ability Scores, Captain Actions, Casting Spells, Changing Roles, Chapter 1: Overview, Chapter 10: Magic and Spells, Chapter 11: Game Mastering, Chapter 13: Pathfinder Legacy, Chapter 2: Character Creation, Chapter 3: Races, Chapter 4: Classes, Chapter 5: Skills, Chapter 7: Equipment, Chapter 8: Tactical Rules, Chapter 9: Starships, Character Conversion, Character Creation Steps, Chase Environments, Check, Choosing a Spell, Class Builds, Class Descriptions, Class Features, Class Features, Class Skills and Skill Ranks per Level, Class Table, Combat, Combat Basics, Combat Maneuver Bonus and Defense, Combat Modifiers, Combat Round, Combining Magic Effects, Computers, Concealment, Concentration and Interrupted Spells, Conditions, Cover, Crafting Equipment and Magic Items, Creature, Curses, Damage, Damage, Dead, Dealing with Unseen Creatures, Defensive Abilities, DR, Immunities, Resistances, and SR, Defining Effects, Descriptors, Designing a Trap, Designing Encounters, Designing Starship Encounters, Detecting a Trap, Difficulty Class (DC), Disabling a Trap, Diseases, Drift Navigation, Duration, Dying, EAC and KAC, Elements of a Trap, Encounter, Engineer Actions, Environment, Environment, Environmental Rules, Escaping on a Vehicle, Evasion and Pursuit, Experience for Vehicle Chases, Experience Points (XP), Extraordinary, Spell-Like, and Supernatural Abilities, Fantasy Characters Out of Time, Feats, Feats, Flanking, Full Actions, Gaining an Archetype, Gaining Experience, Gaining Experience, Gaining Wealth, Game Master (GM), Gear, Gear and Treasure, General Conversion, Getting Started, Good Versus Evil, Gunner Actions, Healing, Health and Resolve, Health, Stamina, and Resolve, Hit Points (HP) and Stamina Points (SP), Hit Points and Resolve Points, Hit Points and Stamina Points, Hit Points, Stamina Points, and Resolve Points, How Combat Works, How to Read Stat Blocks, How to Use Alignment, Identify Creatures, Imprecise Senses, Init, Senses, and Perception, Initiative, Injury and Death, Key Ability Score, Languages, Languages, Languages, Large and Small Crews, Law Versus Chaos, Level, Leveling Up, Leveling Up and Ability Scores, Line of Effect, Line of Sight, Local Movement, Materials, Melee, Minor Crew Actions, Modifier, Monster, Monster Conversion, Move Actions, Movement and Position, Movement Scales, Moving, Multiattack, Multiclassing, Name and CR, New Weapon Mounts, Nonlethal Damage, Nonplayer Character (NPC), NPC Ship Gunnery Bonuses, Offensive Abilities, Optional Method: Ability Quick Picks, Optional Method: Rolling Ability Scores, Organization, Other Abilities, Other Actions, Other Actions in Starship Combat, Other Considerations, Other Rule Terms, Overland Movement, Penalties, Phases of a Vehicle Chase, Pilot Actions, Piloting a Vehicle, Player Character (PC), Poisons, Powered Armor, Precise Senses, Preparing for Starship Combat, Prone, Published Adventures, Quick 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Navigation and Astrogation, Starship Combat, Starship Combat - Crew Actions, Starship Combat Resolve, Starship Scale, Stat Blocks, Step 1: Apply any Ability Increases, Step 1: Create a Character Concept, Step 2: Add New Class Features, Step 2: Choose a Race, Step 3: Add New Feats or Theme Benefits, Step 3: Choose a Theme, Step 4: Choose a Class, Step 4: Invest Skill Ranks, Step 5: Finalize Ability Scores, Step 6: Apply Your Class, Step 7: Assign Skill Ranks and Choose Feats, Step 8: Buy Equipment, Step 9: Fill in the Finishing Details, Strange Atmospheres, Structures, Surprise, Swift Actions, Tactical Movement, Taking Damage, Taking Damage while Dying or Stable, Target, Temporary Hit Points, The Four States of Awareness, The Game Master, The Nine Alignments, The Players, The Spell's Result, Tier, Touch Attacks, Traps, Triggering a Trap, Type and Subtype, Uncontrolled Vehicles, Understanding Starships, Unlimited Adventure, Upgrading Systems, Vehicle Chases, Vehicle Heading, Vehicle Tactical Rules, Vision and Light, Vital Statistics, Weaknesses, Weapon Fusions, Weapon Proficiency and Specialization, Weapon Special Property and Critical Hit DCs, Weapons, Weapons, Weather, What's a Roleplaying Game?, What's in this Book?, Who Can I Attack?, XP

Settlements [2]

01, Estuar

Skills [78]

Access Unsecured System (Computers), Arm Explosives (Engineering), Assess Stability (Engineering), Balance (Acrobatics), Bully (Intimidate), Change Appearance (Disguise), Change Attitude (Diplomacy), Climb (Athletics), Craft Computer (Computers), Craft Drug, Poison, or Medicinal (Life Science), Craft Drug, Poison, or Medicinal (Physical Science), Craft Food or Drink (Life Science), Craft Magic Item (Mysticism), Craft Tech Item (Engineering), Create or Detect Forgery (Computers), Decipher Writing (Culture), Demoralize (Intimidate), Destroy or Repair System or Module (Computers), Detect Deception (Sense Motive), Detect Fake Shell (Computers), Disable Device (Engineering), Disable Magic Device (Mysticism), Disable or Manipulate Module (Computers), Discern Secret Message (Sense Motive), Diversion (Bluff), Earn a Living (Profession), Endure Severe Weather (Survival), Entertain (Sleight of Hand), Escape (Acrobatics), Feint (Bluff), Fire Starship Guns (Piloting), First Aid (Medicine), Fly (Acrobatics), Follow Tracks (Survival), Gain Root Access (Computers), Gather Information (Diplomacy), Hack System (Computers), Handle an Animal (Survival), Hide (Stealth), Hide Object (Sleight of Hand), Identify a Spell Being Cast (Mysticism), Identify Creature (Mysticism), Identify Creature (Life Science), Identify Creature (Engineering), Identify Magic Item (Mysticism), Identify Technology (Engineering), Jump (Athletics), Lie (Bluff), Live Off the Land (Survival), Long-Term Care (Medicine), Long-Term Stability (Medicine), Navigate (Piloting), Notice (Perception), Orienteering (Survival), Palm Object (Sleight of Hand), Pass Secret Message (Bluff), Pick Pocket (Sleight of Hand), Pierce Disguise (Perception), Pilot a Starship (Piloting), Pilot a Vehicle (Piloting), Predict Weather (Survival), Rear a Wild Animal (Trained Only) (Survival), Recall Knowledge (Profession), Recall Knowledge (Physical Science), Recall Knowledge (Mysticism), Recall Knowledge (Culture), Recall Knowledge (Life Science), Repair Item (Engineering), Repair Item (Mysticism), Ride a Creature (Survival), Search (Perception), Sense Mental Effect (Sense Motive), Sniping (Stealth), Swim (Athletics), Treat Deadly Wounds (Medicine), Treat Disease (Medicine), Treat Drugs or Poison (Medicine), Tumble (Acrobatics)

Spells [190]

Animate Dead, Arcane Eye, Arcane Sight, Arcing Surge, Augury, Battle Junkbot, Bestow Curse, Break Enchantment, Call Cosmos, Caustic Conversion, Chain Surge, Charm Monster, Charm Person, Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Command, Command Undead, Commune with Nature, Comprehend Languages, Confusion, Contact Other Plane, Control Gravity, Control Machines, Control Undead, Corrosive Haze, Cosmic Eddy, Creation, Crush Skull, Dancing Lights, Darkvision, Daze, Daze Monster, Death Ward, Deep Slumber, Destruction Protocol, Detect Affliction, Detect Magic, Detect Radiation, Detect Tech, Detect Thoughts, Dimension Door, Discern Lies, Discharge, Disguise Self, Disintegrate, Dismissal, Dispel Magic, Displacement, Divination, Dominate Person, Energy Ray, Enervation, Enshrining Refuge, Entropic Grasp, Erase, Ethereal Jaunt, Explosive Blast, Fatigue, Fear, Feeblemind, Flesh to Stone, Flight, Fog Cloud, Force Blast, Ghost Sound, Grave Words, Gravitational Singularity, Grease, Discharge (Greater), Command (Greater), Dispel Magic (Greater), Remove Condition (Greater), Invisibility (Greater), Resistant Armor (Greater), Synaptic Pulse (Greater), Handy Junkbot, Haste, Healing Junkbot, Heat Leech, Hold Monster, Hold Person, Hold Portal, Hologram Memory, Holographic Image, Holographic Terrain, Hurl Forcedisk, Identify, Implant Data, Inflict Pain, Inject Nanobots, Instant Virus, Interplanetary Teleport, Invisibility, Irradiate, Jolting Surge, Keen Senses, Knock, Confusion (Lesser), Resistant Armor (Lesser), Remove Condition (Lesser), Restoration (Lesser), Life Bubble, Logic Bomb, Magic Missile, Make Whole, Mystic Cure (Mass), Invisibility (Mass), Rewire Flesh (Mass), Inflict Pain (Mass), Suggestion (Mass), Mending, Microbot Assault, Mind Probe, Mind Thrust, Mindlink, Miracle, Mirror Image, Mislead, Modify Memory, Mystic Cure, Nondetection, Overheat, Overload Systems, Passwall, Planar Barrier, Planar Binding, Plane Shift, Private Sanctum, Probability Prediction, Prying Eyes, Psychic Surgery, Psychokinetic Hand, Psychokinetic Strangulation, Raise Dead, Rapid Repair, Ray of Exhaustion, Recharge, Reflecting Armor, Regenerate, Reincarnate, Remove Affliction, Remove Condition, Remove Radioactivity, Resilient Sphere, Resistant Aegis, Resistant Armor, Restoration, Retrocognition, Rewire Flesh, Security Seal, See Invisibility, Shadow Walk, Shadowy Fleet, Share Language, Shield Other, Slow, Snuff Life, Soothing Protocol, Speak with Dead, Spider Climb, Stabilize, Status, Subjective Reality, Suggestion, Supercharge Weapon, Sympathetic Vibration, Synapse Overload, Synaptic Pulse, Telekinesis, Telekinetic Projectile, Telepathic Bond, Telepathic Jaunt, Telepathic Message, Telepathy, Teleport, Terraform, Token Spell, Tongues, Transfer Charge, True Seeing, Unseen Servant, Unwilling Guardian, Veil, Vision, Wall of Fire, Wall of Force, Wall of Steel, Waves of Fatigue, Wish, Wisp Ally, Zone of Truth

Starship - Armor [15]

Mk 1 Armor, Mk 10 Armor, Mk 11 Armor, Mk 12 Armor, Mk 13 Armor, Mk 14 Armor, Mk 15 Armor, Mk 2 Armor, Mk 3 Armor, Mk 4 Armor, Mk 5 Armor, Mk 6 Armor, Mk 7 Armor, Mk 8 Armor, Mk 9 Armor

Starship - Base Frames [14]

Battleship, Bulk Freighter, Carrier, Cruiser, Destroyer, Dreadnought, Explorer, Fighter, Heavy Freighter, Interceptor, Light Freighter, Racer, Shuttle, Transport

Starship - Computers [29]

Basic Computer, Mk 1 Duonode, Mk 1 Mononode, Mk 1 Tetranode, Mk 1 Trinode, Mk 10 Duonode, Mk 10 Mononode, Mk 2 Duonode, Mk 2 Mononode, Mk 2 Tetranode, Mk 2 Trinode, Mk 3 Duonode, Mk 3 Mononode, Mk 3 Tetranode, Mk 3 Trinode, Mk 4 Duonode, Mk 4 Mononode, Mk 4 Trinode, Mk 5 Duonode, Mk 5 Mononode, Mk 5 Trinode, Mk 6 Duonode, Mk 6 Mononode, Mk 7 Duonode, Mk 7 Mononode, Mk 8 Duonode, Mk 8 Mononode, Mk 9 Duonode, Mk 9 Mononode

Starship - Crew Quarters [3]

Common, Good, Luxurious

Starship - Defensive Countermeasures [15]

Mk 1 Defenses, Mk 10 Defenses, Mk 11 Defenses, Mk 12 Defenses, Mk 13 Defenses, Mk 14 Defenses, Mk 15 Defenses, Mk 2 Defenses, Mk 3 Defenses, Mk 4 Defenses, Mk 5 Defenses, Mk 6 Defenses, Mk 7 Defenses, Mk 8 Defenses, Mk 9 Defenses

Starship - Drift Engines [5]

Signal Basic, Signal Booster, Signal Major, Signal Superior, Signal Ultra

Starship - Examples [15]

Atech Immortal (Pact Worlds Ship Styles), Blackwind Sepulcher (Eoxian Ship Styles), BMC Mauler (Veskarium Ship Styles), Death's Head Necroglider (Eoxian Ship Styles), Hivonyx Titan Hauler (Shirren Ship Styles), Idaran Millennia (Kasathan Ship Styles), Idaran Vanserai (Kasathan Ship Styles), Idaran Voidrunner (Kasathan Ship Styles), Kevolari Venture (Pact Worlds Ship Styles), Norikama Dropship (Veskarium Ship Styles), Ringworks Wanderer (Pact Worlds Ship Styles), Starhive Drone MK III (Shirren Ship Styles), Thaumtech Omenbringer (Eoxian Ship Styles), Uie Hiveguard (Shirren Ship Styles), Vindicas Tyrant (Veskarium Ship Styles)

Starship - Expansion Bays [18]

Arcane Laboratory, Cargo Hold, Escape Pods, Guest Quarters, Recreation Suite (Gym), Recreation Suite (HAC), Hanger Bay, Life Boats, Medical Bay, Passenger Seating, Power Core Housing, Science Lab, Sealed Environment Chamber, Shuttle Bay, Smuggler Compartment, Synthesis Bay, Tech Workshop, Recreation Suite (Trivid Den)

Starship - Power Cores [22]

Arcus Heavy, Arcus Light, Arcus Maximum, Arcus Ultra, Gateway Heavy, Gateway Light, Gateway Ultra, Micron Heavy, Micron Light, Micron Ultra, Nova Heavy, Nova Light, Nova Ultra, Pulse Black, Pulse Blue, Pulse Brown, Pulse Gray, Pulse Green, Pulse Orange, Pulse Prismatic, Pulse Red, Pulse White

Starship - Security [6]

Anti-Hacking Systems, Biometric Locks, Computer Countermeasures, Antipersonnel Weapon (Heavy), Antipersonnel Weapon (Longarm), Self-Destruct System

Starship - Sensors [10]

Advanced Long-Range, Advanced Medium-Range, Advanced Short-Range, Basic Long-Range, Basic Medium-Range, Basic Short-Range, Budget Long-Range, Budget Medium-Range, Budget Short-Range, Cut-Rate

Starship - Shields [22]

Basic Shields 10, Basic Shields 20, Basic Shields 30, Basic Shields 40, Heavy Shields 240, Heavy Shields 280, Heavy Shields 320, Heavy Shields 360, Heavy Shields 420, Heavy Shields 480, Light Shields 50, Light Shields 60, Light Shields 70, Light Shields 80, Medium Shields 100, Medium Shields 120, Medium Shields 140, Medium Shields 160, Medium Shields 200, Medium Shields 90, Superior Shields 540, Superior Shields 600

Starship - Thrusters [28]

C4 Thrusters, C6 Thrusters, C8 Thrusters, G4 Thrusters, G6 Thrusters, G8 Thrusters, H10 Thrusters, H4 Thrusters, H6 Thrusters, H8 Thrusters, L10 Thrusters, L4 Thrusters, L6 Thrusters, L8 Thrusters, M10 Thrusters, M12 Thrusters, M4 Thrusters, M6 Thrusters, M8 Thrusters, S10 Thrusters, S12 Thrusters, S6 Thrusters, S8 Thrusters, T10 Thrusters, T12 Thrusters, T14 Thrusters, T6 Thrusters, T8 Thrusters

Starship - Weapons [47]

Antimatter Mega-Missile Launcher, Chain Cannon, Coilgun, Flak Thrower, Graser, Gravity Cannon, Gravity Gun, Gyrolaser, Heavy Antimatter Missile Launcher, Heavy EMP Cannon, Heavy Laser Array, Heavy Laser Cannon, Heavy Laser Net, Heavy Nuclear Missile Launcher, Heavy Plasma Torpedo Launcher, Heavy Torpedo Launcher, Hellfire Torpedo Launcher, High Explosive Missile Launcher, Laser Net, Light EMP Cannon, Light Laser Cannon, Light Particle Cannon, Light Plasma Cannon, Light Plasma Torpedo Launcher, Light Torpedo Launcher, Maser, Mass Driver, Micromissile Battery, Nuclear Mega-Missile Launcher, Particle Beam, Particle Beam Cannon, Persistent Particle Beam, Persistent Particle Beam Cannon, Plasma Cannon, Quantum Missile Launcher, Railgun, Solar Torpedo Launcher, Super EMP Cannon, Super Plasma Cannon, Super X-Laser Cannon, Supergraser, Superlaser, Supermaser, Tactical Nuclear Missile Launcher, Twin Laser, Vortex Cannon, X-Laser Cannon

Systems [28]

Aballon, Absalom Station, Akiton, Apostae, Arquand, Aucturn, Azlanti Star Empire, Bretheda, Castrovel, Daegox 4, Daimalko, Embroi, Eox, Idari, Jedarat, Liavara, Lothun, Orikolai, Orry, Preluria, Riven Shroud, Shadari, Tabori Cluster, The Diaspora, The Sun, The Veskarium, Triaxus, Verces

Themes [10]

Ace Pilot, Bounty Hunter, Icon, Mercenary, Outlaw, Priest, Scholar, Spacefarer, Themeless, Xenoseeker

Traps [11]

Disintegration Chamber Trap, Explosive Detonation Trap, Hacker's Curse Trap, Jolting Console Trap, Laser Blast Trap, Mind Spores Trap, Nanoflechette Launcher Trap, Obedience Implant Trap, Pit Trap, Soul Upload Trap, Trash Compactor Trap

Vehicles [9]

All-Terrain Transport, Basic Enercycle, Exploration Buggy, Goblin Junkcycle, Hover Pod, Police Cruiser, Pump-Jet Sub, Torpedo Minisub, Urban Cruiser