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Chapter 3: Races

Reading the Race Entries

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 41
The following pages explain the rules for the core races and describe how they fit into the Starfinder setting, but a few key elements deserve further explanation.

Ability Adjustments: These are race-based adjustments to ability scores implemented during character creation (see page 18). For instance, the ability adjustment for androids is +2 to Dexterity and Intelligence respectively, but –2 to Charisma.

Hit Points: These are the additional Hit Points you get from your race at 1st level. See page 22 for more information.

Racial Traits: The first page of each race lists the special abilities you get when playing a character of this race. You automatically get all of these—you don’t have to pick and choose.

Playing the Race: These notes offer a starting place for how you, as a character of this race, might interact with the world. Note that, as with other cultural details presented in the race entry, these are just suggestions based on a typical member of your race. Personalities vary, and your character might diverge wildly from the suggestions, especially if she was raised in a different culture or under unusual circumstances.