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The haft of a cryopike is a long aluminum or carbon-steel shaft with an adjustable rubber grip. A cryopike emits a blast of supercooled gas from its tip that acts as a freezing blade.

Cryo Weapons

Cryo weapons generate blasts of supercooled gas that can damage or incapacitate a target. The gas is kept within a charged cryochamber attached to the weapon. While primitive models simply sprayed these freezing chemicals like a flamethrower, modern models use a containment beam to deliver deadly frozen particles to targets at impressive ranges. Most cryo weapons automatically replenish their reservoirs of reactive chemicals by drawing and processing various gases from the atmosphere, needing only batteries to maintain their ammunition supply.

One of the most popular lines of cryo weapons are zero weapons, including zero cannons, pistols, and rifles. In common parlance, avalanche-class cryo weapons are the coldest and most dangerous, followed in descending order by blizzard-class, hailstorm-class, and frostbite-class cryo weapons.

Cryopike, Advanced

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 172
Level 12; Price 34,800
Damage 2d8 C; Critical staggered
Bulk 2; Special powered (capacity 40; usage 2), reach

Cryopike, Tactical

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 172
Level 5; Price 3,360
Damage 1d8 C; Critical
Bulk 2; Special powered (capacity 40; usage 2), reach