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Countermeasures form a computer system’s last defense against hackers trying to compromise it. Countermeasures are specifically designed to activate when an unauthorized user attempts unsuccessfully to access the system, usually by entering an incorrect password or by failing to bypass other security precautions. Some activate the moment a user tries to get into the system and deactivate only once the correct password has been entered. In either case, a computer can have a number of countermeasures equal to its tier.


Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 215
Price 100 credits; Type Countermeasure
A lockout countermeasure freezes a system if a user repeatedly fails attempts to access it, causing it to become entirely inaccessible. Generally, this does not mean that the system is powered down, and other modules and countermeasures can still take automated actions. Lockouts last a specified period of time, typically 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day, but any time frame can be specified. A lockout cannot be disabled, even by a user with the correct passwords and credentials. It is possible to bypass a lockout by accessing physical components of the computer, requiring a successful Engineering check with the same DC as the check to hack the computer.

A standard lockout activates if there are three failed attempts to access or hack the computer within 24 hours and costs 100 credits. A lockout can be set to allow a different number of failed attempts before activating or to last a different amount of time. If the computer has an alarm, it can be set to inform a specific terminal or communication device when each failed attempt occurs and when the lockout is activated.