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Special Materials

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 191
Some weapons can be crafted using materials that have innate special properties. Only cartridges of ammunition and melee weapons that deal bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage can be made out of special materials. If you make a weapon out of more than one special material, you get the benefit of only the most prevalent material.

Each of the special materials described below has a defined game effect. Some creatures have damage reduction making them resistant to all but a special type of damage (such as that dealt by evil-aligned weapons) or damage from weapons of a particular material (such as cold iron). Characters may choose to carry several different types of weapons, depending on the types of creatures they most commonly encounter.
Ammunition (1 piece)Abysium+70 credits
Raw Material (1 bulk)Abysium1,125 credits
WeaponAbysium+4,500 credits
Ammunition (1 piece)Adamantine Alloy+50 credits per cartridge
ArmorAdamantine Alloy+2,500 credits
Raw Material (1 bulk)Adamantine Alloy625 credits
WeaponAdamantine Alloy+2,500 credits
Ammunition (1 piece)Blight Quartz+100 credits
Raw material (1 bulk)Blight Quartz1,750 credits
WeaponBlight Quartz+8,500 credits
Ammunition (1 piece)Cold Iron+9 credits per cartridge
Raw Material (1 bulk)Cold Iron115 credits
WeaponCold Iron+450 credits
AmmunitionDiatha+100 credits
Amplified AmmunitionDiatha+500 credits
Armor, Item or WeaponDjezet+2,000 credits
Raw Material (1 bulk)Djezet500 credits
Ammunition (1 piece)Entropic Alloy+75 credits
Armor or weaponEntropic Alloy+5,000 credits
Raw material (1 bulk)Entropic Alloy1,250 credits
Ammunition (1 piece)Horacalcum+70 credits
Armor or WeaponHoracalcum+3,500 credits
Raw Material (1 bulk)Horacalcum875 credits
Ammunition (1 piece)Inubrix+50 credits
Armor or WeaponInubrix+2,500 credits
Raw Material (1 bulk)Inubrix625 credits
KhefakKhefak Armor+500 credits
Thasteron KhefakKhefak Armor+2,000 credits
Ammunition (1 piece)Noqual40 credits
ArmorNoqual+2,000 credits
Raw Material (1 bulk)Noqual500 credits
Weapon (Melee)Noqual2000 credits
Nyblantine armorNyblantine+6,000 credits
Nyblantine round (1 piece)Nyblantine+30 credits
Raw nyblantine, treated (1 bulk)Nyblantine600 credits
Raw nyblantine, untreated (1 bulk)Nyblantine6 credits
Armor or ShieldPurple Cores10% of price of equipment
Armor or WeaponSiccatite+2,500 credits
Raw Material (1 bulk)Siccatite626 credits
Ammunition (1 piece)Silver+6 credits per cartridge
Raw Material (1 bulk)Silver75 credits
WeaponSilver+300 credits
Ammunition (1 piece)Voidglass+70 credits
Armor, shield, or weaponVoidglass+4,500 cred
Raw material (1 bulk)Voidglass1,125 credits