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Source Character Operations Manual pg. 124
Shields are a new category of equipment. A character is proficient with shields if they have the Shield Proficiency feat. Some classes from the Starfinder Core Rulebook automatically gain shield proficiency, as noted in the feat. Wearing a shield without being proficient has the same penalty as wearing armor without being proficient, but this penalty does not stack with itself if you are wearing both armor and a shield with which you are not proficient.

All shields are considered to be designed to work with the phase shield armor upgrade, and you can use the arm wielding a shield to also activate a phase shield. Phase shields do not grant a shield bonus.

Shields can be targeted by sunder combat maneuvers, and their hardness and HP are calculated the same way as for armor. Shields that allow you to use them to make unarmed attacks can have weapon fusions added to them, treating their item level as their weapon item level, and can be made of any special materials that can also be used to make melee weapons. The effects of these modifications are applied to unarmed attacks made with the shield. Armor upgrades added to shields are technological items and can be affected by abilities as such, unless they say otherwise. Shields themselves are not considered technological items for effects that work only on powered or technological objects.

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Shield ModelLevelPriceShield BonusMax DexArmor Check PenaltyBulkUpgrades
Tactical Shield, basic1250+0/+110
Riot Shield, basic1300+1/+1+3-221
Irising Shield, basic2850+0/+1-0L (1)0
Dousing Shield, basic2900+1/+1+3-221
Knight’s Shield, basic31,500+0/+2+4-112
Gravity Shield, basic42,100+0/+2+4-111
Deterrence Scale, electroplax42,200+0/+1-010
Tactical Shield, field52,500+1/+111
Riot Shield, field53,000+1/+2+3-222
Rageshokor Shield, green64,250+1/+2+3-121
Irising Shield, field64,350+1/+1-0L (1)0
Dousing Shield, field76,800+1/+2+4-222
Deterrence Scale, amperometric89,400+1/+1-010
Knight’s Shield, field89,500+1/+2+5-112
Gravity Shield, field913,500+1/+1+4-111
Tactical Shield, advanced1017,250+1/+211
Riot Shield, advanced1018,000+1/+2+4-222
Irising Shield, advanced1125,000+1/+1-0L (1)1
Deterrence Scale, galvanic1234,600+1/+1-010
Dousing Shield, advanced1236,800+1/+2+4-122
Rageshokor Shield, rock1237,500+1/+2+4-121
Knight’s Shield, advanced1350,000+1/+3+6-112
Gravity Shield, advanced1473,000+1/+2+5-112
Tactical Shield, elite15100,000+1/+211
Riot Shield, elite15125,000+1/+3+5-222
Deterrence Scale, voltaic16178,800+1/+2-010
Irising Shield, elite16256,000+1/+3-0L (1)2
Dousing Shield, elite17256,000+1/+3+5-122
Knight’s Shield, elite18400,000+1/+3+7-112
Many-mien Shield19555,000+1/+3+6-112
Gravity Shield, elite19570,000+1/+3+5-112
Tactical Shield, paragon20800,000+1/+311
Riot Shield, paragon20900,000+1/+4+6-222