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Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 296
Ships rely on conventional thrusters to move between locations in a system, to navigate the reaches of the Drift once they arrive there, to explore, and to engage in combat They are designed for ships of a specific size (specified in the Size column of the table below), and they can’t be installed in a ship of an incorrect size. The maximum speed of a starship’s thrusters either grants a bonus or imparts a penalty to Piloting checks to fly the vessel, as noted on the table below.

Thrusters are also used when landing on and taking off from a planet. Large and smaller Starships generally have little difficulty landing on and taking off from a planet with low gravity or standard gravity (unless there are atmospheric conditions such as high winds or storms). The GM determines whether or not a starship’s pilot must attempt a Piloting check to land a starship with a speed lower than 8 on a planet with high gravity, with failure meaning it might crash. Due to their sheer size, Huge and larger starships can’t land on planets, and must use shuttles or other means to ferry crew and goods to a planet and back.
CoreSizeSpeed (in Hexes)Piloting ModifierPCUCost (in BP)
T6 ThrustersT6+1203
T8 ThrustersT8+0254
T10 ThrustersT10+0305
T12 ThrustersT12-1356
T14 ThrustersT14-2407
S6 ThrustersS6+1303
S8 ThrustersS8+0404
S10 ThrustersS10+0505
S12 ThrustersS12-1606
M4 ThrustersM4+2402
M6 ThrustersM6+1503
M8 ThrustersM8+0604
M10 ThrustersM10+0705
M12 ThrustersM12-1806
L4 ThrustersL4+2604
L6 ThrustersL6+1806
L8 ThrustersL8+01008
L10 ThrustersL10+012010
H4 ThrustersH4+2804
H6 ThrustersH6+11206
H8 ThrustersH8+01408
H10 ThrustersH10+016010
G4 ThrustersG4+21208
G6 ThrustersG6+118012
G8 ThrustersG8+024016
C4 ThrustersC4+22008
C6 ThrustersC6+130012
C8 ThrustersC8+040016
SC4 ThrustersSc4+130016
SC6 ThrustersSc6+040020
SC8 ThrustersSc8-150024