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Starship Examples

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 305
The following section presents a handful of ship models common (or at least well-known) within the Pact Worlds and allied planets. While these have been divided into particular groups, this doesn’t mean that only characters of that group can be found flying these ships. Rather, each group reflects the stylistic differences in starship designs and chassis due to the cultural heritage and preferences of the manufacturers. For example, since Veskarians developed starship travel independently of the Pact World races, their ship designs naturally have a different feel, showcasing their race’s particular aesthetics and values. Thanks to interplanetary trade, however, no one in the Pact Worlds today thinks it odd to find a vesk flying a shirren-style ship, or vice versa. Furthermore, most shipbuilding consortiums have seen the advantages of interchangeable parts, meaning repairing a ship of one style with parts salvaged from another is usually effective.

Even within a given group, however, starships are not uniform. The Pact Worlds alone have dozens of starship manufacturers, each with its own unique models and specializations, and these have been modified further to meet the goals of their clients. While more unusual ships—from Kuthite Shadowtears, whose tortured pilots lance through enemy formations like spears, to the massive Iomedaean cathedralships, whose proprietary archon drives carry legions of armored crusaders to regions of the galaxy under threat—aren’t detailed here, they do exist. Whatever your specific needs, there’s a starship company out there ready to build you the perfect ship—if you can afford it!

Vanguard Parapet[AP] Against the Aeon Throne3
Vanguard Regnant[AP] Against the Aeon Throne5
Vanguard Voidsweeper[AP] Against the Aeon Throne2
SDF D-127 Defensive Carrier[AP] Attack of the Swarm!7
SDF Rampart[AP] Attack of the Swarm!9
Suskillon Aurora[AP] Attack of the Swarm!10
Suskillon Whip[AP] Attack of the Swarm!5
Terminus Wild[AP] Attack of the Swarm!3
Aurora Yellow Dwarf[AP] Dawn of Flame3
Excoriation Combine Alcazar[AP] Dawn of Flame10
Excoriation Combine Jezail[AP] Dawn of Flame6
Protector Accord[AP] Dawn of Flame4
Pyre Woebringer[AP] Dawn of Flame8
Sun Diver[AP] Dawn of Flame6
Blackwind Annihilator[AP] Dead Suns20
Klokworx Prism[AP] Dead Suns6
Modified ATech Bulwark[AP] Dead Suns7
Nebulor Outfitters Starhopper[AP] Dead Suns4
Sunrise Maiden[AP] Dead Suns3
Thaumtech Cairncarver[AP] Dead Suns2
Antumbra Overseer[AP] Signal of Screams8
Ringworks Sentinel[AP] Signal of Screams5
Velstrac Tormentor[AP] Signal of Screams9
Compent AEVAballonian Ships1/3
Compent Group Defense FrigateAballonian Ships8
Multifold SeedshipAballonian Ships11
Klokworx DroneAzlanti Empire1/4
Klokworx NexusAzlanti Empire13
Sovereign HarrierAzlanti Empire1
Sovereign MonitorAzlanti Empire5
Sovereign SumpterAzlanti Empire9
Sovereign VindicatorAzlanti Empire18
Vanguard CometAzlanti Empire3
Vanguard SanctumAzlanti Empire8
Barrow BoneshardCorpse Fleet1/3
Barrow CatacombCorpse Fleet8
Barrow CenotaphCorpse Fleet16
Barrow DirgesingerCorpse Fleet2
Barrow EulogyCorpse Fleet12
Barrow ReaperCorpse Fleet10
Barrow ReliquaryCorpse Fleet5
Barrow SpectreCorpse Fleet7
Crypt WardenCorpse Fleet7
Death's Curtain NecrofighterCorpse Fleet1
Grave CasketCorpse Fleet3
Pale Butcher ScoutCorpse Fleet4
Blackwind SepulcherEoxian Ship Styles5
Death's Head NecrogliderEoxian Ship Styles1/2
Thaumtech OmenbringerEoxian Ship Styles14
Infernex Burning NailHellknight Ships1
Infernex InterdictusHellknight Ships13
Infernex Keep DiabolicalHellknight Ships16
Inheritorworks BrightswordIomedaean Ships2
Inheritorworks CathedralshipIomedaean Ships16
Inheritorworks ShieldcraftIomedaean Ships8
Idaran MillenniaKasathan Ship Styles12
Idaran VanseraiKasathan Ship Styles4
Idaran VoidrunnerKasathan Ship Styles1/3
Atech ImmortalPact Worlds Ship Styles10
Kevolari VenturePact Worlds Ship Styles1
Ringworks WandererPact Worlds Ship Styles1/4
Raxilite Crown CanopyRaxilite15
Raxilite DoonRaxilite1
Raxilite GowanRaxilite12
Dominion SeederShipmind13
Hivonyx Titan HaulerShirren Ship Styles9
Starhive Drone MK IIIShirren Ship Styles1
Uie HiveguardShirren Ship Styles6
Tetrad CaravelTetrad6
Velstrac CorvetteVelstrac Starships5
Opulos Drift CruiserVercite Ships11
Redshift Pleasure SailVercite Ships3
Terminator Star DrakeVercite Ships1/4
BMC MaulerVeskarium Ship Styles2
Norikama DropshipVeskarium Ship Styles8
Vindicas TyrantVeskarium Ship Styles16
UC ArkshipXenowarden Ships10
UC BloomXenowarden Ships6
UC GardenshipXenowarden Ships10
UC GleanerXenowarden Ships4
UC LianaXenowarden Ships8
UC PodXenowarden Ships1/2
UC RhizomeXenowarden Ships6