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Interstellar Travel

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 8
Drift engines enable starships to overcome the limitations of traveling faster than light by entering another plane of existence. Most other interstellar drives also operate by using planar jumps. However, planar travel outside the Drift involves extremely expensive magical technology, often in concert with divine assistance, and such magic is usually tightly controlled by the groups and organizations that use it. As a result, Drift technology is the most commonly available means of interstellar travel, and ships using other methods to travel between stars are relatively rare.

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NameEngine RatingMin. PCUMax. SizeCost (in BP)Special Properties
Archon Drive115015 x size category1Restricted (Church of Iomedae, Knights of Golarion)
Chaos Sail1754 x size category1Restricted (Church of Besmara)
Constellation Orrery2150Huge10 x size category1Restricted (Church of Ibra)
Elemental Engine11005 x size category1Restricted (Elemental Plane)
First Drive3175Large12 x size category1Restricted (Eldest, fey)
Fold GatesSpecial200Huge
Helldrive110010 x size category1Restricted (Church of Asmodeus, Hellknights)
Planar Aperture Drive215015 x size category1Restricted (Tetrad, witchwyrds)
Shadow Engine1753 x size category1Painful, restricted (Church of Zon-Kuthon, velstracs)
Onos drive1/2150Medium10 x size category1Restricted (Azlanti Star Empire)
1 For the purposes of this calculation, Tiny = 1, Small = 2, Medium = 3, etc.