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Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 11
BP Cost 10 x size category (Tiny = 1, Small = 2, etc.)
Engine Rating 1
Minimum PCU 100; Maximum Size
Special Restricted (Church of Asmodeus, Hellknights)

Just as the Church of Iomedae made early use of proprietary archon drives, so too did Asmodeans develop their own technology: Helldrives, which enable starships to travel through Hell itself to circumvent Material Plane distances. Today, Helldrives are most commonly found in the fleets of the Hellknights, supporting their mission to bring the rule of law to a chaotic universe.
Hell is a brutal and orderly plane; it is full of dangers for the unwary, but it honors its agreements. Each Helldrive functions as a physical contract permitting relatively easy—though rarely truly safe—passage through Hell. The Church of Asmodeus constructs each Helldrive individually, customized for the ship that will carry it, and only those who follow the strict tenets of Hell to the letter are allowed to use them. Helldrives run on fuel condensed from damned souls, and some planar scientists speculate that the very act of operating a Helldrive is akin to signing an infernal contract, with the user’s soul pledged to become fuel for the next generation of Helldrives.