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Power Cores

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 296
The power core is the most important system on a ship, as it provides power to every other system. The table below lists the ship size each core is designed for, as well as the PCU it provides and its cost. Each Large and smaller ship has room for only a single power core by default, but Medium and Large starships can be fitted with an extra power core housing (see Expansion Bays on page 298). Huge starships can have up to two power cores, Gargantuan starships can have up to three, and Colossal starships can have up to four. Though some ships are exceptions to this standard, they are rare in design. A power core typically has a backup battery system for use in emergencies that can provide limited power—enough for life support, gravity, and comms (see page 430), but no other systems—for 2d6 days.
CoreSizePCUCost (in BP)
Micron LightT504
Micron HeavyT706
Micron UltraT808
Arcus LightT, S757
Pulse BrownT, S909
Pulse BlackT, S12012
Pulse WhiteT, S14014
Pulse GrayT, S, M10010
Arcus HeavyT, S, M13013
Pulse GreenT, S, M15015
Pulse RedT, S, M17517
Pulse BlueT, S, M20020
Titan LightSc70050
Titan HeavySc95060
Titan UltraSc120070
Arcus UltraS, M, L15015
Arcus MaximumS, M, L20020
Pulse OrangeS, M, L25025
Pulse PrismaticS, M, L30030
Nova LightM, L, H15015
Nova HeavyM, L, H20020
Nova UltraM, L, H30030
Gateway LightL, H, G30030
Gateway HeavyL, H, G40040
Gateway UltraH, G, C50050