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Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 297
A computer system functions in many ways as a ship’s brain. Most computers aboard starships have at least a rudimentary artificial personality, and while they can’t fully perform the duties of a crew member, they can assist crew members in various tasks. However, many spacefarers claim that over time, a starship’s computers can develop temperaments and personality quirks that set them apart from identical computers in other ships. A starship has a basic computer of a tier equal to half the starship’s tier (minimum 1); see the Computers skill on page 137 and Computers on page 213 for more information about how a starship computer can be hacked or upgraded. Which upgrades a crew can purchase for its starship computer is determined by the GM; some upgrades can be purchased with Build Points (see page 294).

While a starship’s computer is responsible for operating and managing a wide variety of starship systems at any given point in time, only a starship with an integrated control module (ICM) can aid the crew in starship combat (the basic computer listed on the table below is the only option that lacks an ICM). In general, an ICM adds a flat circumstance bonus to one or more starship combat checks, decided just before the check is attempted. An ICM has a number of nodes; each node grants its bonus to one starship combat check per round. Multiple nodes allow an ICM to influence multiple starship combat checks in a round, but they do not allow a computer to add multiple bonuses to the same starship combat check.

The cost of an ICM for the starship’s computer is equal to the bonus it grants squared, multiplied by its number of nodes. ICMs can be purchased only with Build Points, not with credits.
NameBonusNodesPCUCost (in BP)
Basic Computer+0000
Mk 1 Mononode+11101
Mk 1 Duonode+1/+12102
Mk 1 Trinode+1/+1/+13103
Mk 1 Tetranode+1/+1/+1/+14104
Mk 2 Mononode+21154
Mk 2 Duonode+2/+22158
Mk 2 Trinode+2/+2/+231512
Mk 2 Tetranode+2/+2/+2/+241516
Mk 3 Mononode+31209
Mk 3 Duonode+3/+322018
Mk 3 Trinode+3/+3/+332027
Mk 3 Tetranode+3/+3/+3/+342036
Mk 4 Mononode+412516
Mk 4 Duonode+4/+422532
Mk 4 Trinode+4/+4/+432548
Mk 5 Mononode+513025
Mk 5 Duonode+5/+523050
Mk 5 Trinode+5/+5/+533075
Mk 6 Mononode+613536
Mk 6 Duonode+6/+623572
Mk 7 Mononode+714049
Mk 7 Duonode+7/+724098
Mk 8 Mononode+814564
Mk 8 Duonode+8/+8245128
Mk 9 Mononode+915081
Mk 9 Duonode+9/+9250162
Mk 10 Mononode+10155100
Mk 10 Duonode+10/+10255200