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Terrestrial Vehicles

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 228
Vehicles range from simple personal transports to massive airships and sea vessels. The rules for vehicles and vehicle chases are found in Chapter 8, starting on page 278. Starships are handled differently from vehicles—see Chapter 9 for more on starships. Statistics for specific vehicles are detailed below.

A vehicle stat block contains the following entries.
  • Name and Level: These list the vehicle’s name and item level.
  • Price: This entry lists the vehicle’s price in credits. The availability of some vehicles might be restricted, and a player must ask the GM what is available for purchase.
  • Size and Vehicle Type: This entry lists the vehicle’s size and whether the vehicle is built for land, water, atmospheric flight, or a combination thereof, followed by its dimensions.
  • Speed: The speed entry first lists the vehicle’s drive speed, followed by its full speed, and concludes with its speed in miles per hour for overland movement over the terrain type for which the vehicle was designed. If the speed entry doesn’t list a movement type, the vehicle can move only on the ground. If the speed entry lists only swim, the vehicle must move underwater, and if the speed entry lists only fly, the vehicle must fly (though most flying vehicles can also move on the ground). Some vehicles have hover speeds, which means they can move overland and over water but not underwater.
  • EAC and KAC: These entries indicate the Energy Armor Class and Kinetic Armor Class for the vehicle.
  • Cover: This entry indicates the type of cover the vehicle gives its pilot and passengers. This might vary based on circumstances—a passenger hanging out of a window to fire a weapon doesn’t get the full benefit of the vehicle’s cover.
  • HP: This entry lists the vehicle’s Hit Points. If the vehicle is reduced to or below the number of HP listed in parentheses, it’s broken. While broken, the vehicle takes a –2 penalty to its AC and collision DC, its Piloting modifier decreases by 2, and its full speed and mph speed are halved. If a vehicle is reduced to 0 HP, it’s wrecked. A wrecked vehicle can’t be piloted, and it might be difficult or impossible to repair. If the vehicle is in water when it is wrecked, it sinks; if it is flying, it falls.
  • Hardness: As an object, a vehicle has hardness (see page 409). Any damage a vehicle takes is reduced by its hardness.
  • Attack: This entry indicates an attack the vehicle has, the damage it deals, and the DC to avoid it (if any). Most vehicles have only collision attacks, which deal bludgeoning damage. (See Vehicle Collision Damage on page 229 and the ram and the run over action on page 279 for more on collisions.)
  • Modifiers: The vehicle imposes these modifiers on the attack rolls and listed skill checks of its pilot and passengers. The attack roll penalty worsens at full speed, as indicated in parentheses.
  • Systems: The vehicle’s special systems, such as autocontrol (see page 280), autopilot (see page 280), or comm units (see page 218), are listed here, if it has any.
  • Passengers: If the vehicle can carry extra passengers, this entry lists how many the vehicle can hold in addition to the pilot.
  • Special Abilities: Any abilities unique to the vehicle are described in full at the end of the stat block.

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Battle Chariot1400
Goblin Junkcycle1425
Basic Enercycle1700
Ravine Crawler1800
Exploration Buggy11,000
Torpedo Minisub11,500
Threnody-Class Assault Fighter162,000
Urban Cruiser22,210
Submersible Tour Boat22,500
War Wagon32,980
Racing Catamaran33,000
Ultralight Turboglider33,170
Biped Walker33,860
Performance Cruiser34,320
Sky Chariot44,350
Survey Walker44,650
Prospecting Buggy45,400
Police Cruiser46,195
Hover Truck57,000
Drop Pod57,800
Phentomite Autobridger58,100
Acid Auger59,400
All-Terrain Transport68,370
Water Bear612,500
Stealth Dirigible613,000
Pump-Jet Sub613,150
Stealth Enercycle613,500
Smuggling Cruiser613,800
Rally Jammer614,000
Hover Pod714,850
Monowheel Enercycle715,000
Mobile Launch Vehicle718,000
Tactical Walker720,900
Patrol Dirigible721,000
Kishalee Hoverbike820,000
Security Train820,000
Hydrofoil Speedboat820,500
Armored Transport822,400
Luxury Evacuation Yacht825,400
Aquatic Crawler832,000
Asteroid Borer832,700
Transport Walker928,200
Heavy Assault Buggy938,200
Recon Enercopter943,000
Rescue Enercopter945,000
Armored Null-Space Transport1048,800
Stealth Sub1057,500
Mobile Command Center1062,000
Dioxide Wingship1165,000
Combat Sandrail1173,000
Tactical Underminer1179,500
Light Hover Tank1180,000
Tactical Dropship1184,000
Assault Enercopter12114,500
Heavy Launch Crawlers12118,000
Protector Chariot12120,000
Airspace Defender12125,000
Attack Sub12130,000
Hover Tank14227,000
Pirate Enercopter14250,000
Heavy Walker15310,000
Spy Cruiser15316,000
Combat Hospital15345,000
Harvester Dirigible16455,000
Stealth Enercopter16535,000
Hover Artillery17780,000
Submersible Assault Carrier17825,000
Aerial Mining Rig181,080,000
Heavy Dropship181,210,000
Quantum Pod191,630,000
Ultimatum Hover Carrier203,750,000