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Starship Weapons

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 303
Whether the PCs are in the Vast or near a Pact Worlds planet, space is a dangerous place, plagued with hostile aliens, raiders, and worse. As a result, most ships protect themselves with a variety of weapons, ranging from laser cannons to solar torpedoes.

Click here for the full rules on Starship Weapons.

Light Weapons

WeaponTypeRangeSpeed (in Hexes)DamagePCUCost (in BP)Special Properties
Aeon CasterDirect-FireMedium3d4 107Mystical, restricted (Imperial Fleet)
Chain CannonDirect-FireShort6d41510Ripper
Connecting TendrilDirect-FireShort3d61010Burrowing, connecting, mystic
Decorative Ramming ProwDirect-Fire2d4 5Intimidating, ramming
Flak sporesDirect-FireSpecial2d454Flak area, limited fire 2
Flak ThrowerDirect-FireShort3d4105Point (+8)
Force ProjectorDirect-FireShort1d10 107Force field (15)
Garbage Ejection SystemDirect-FireShort81d6 11Limited fire 1, point (+8)
GyrolaserDirect-FireShort1d8103Broad Arc
Laser NetDirect-FireShort2d6109Point (+10)
Light Buster CannonDirect-FireShort3d8 109Buster
Light EMP CannonDirect-FireShortSpecial108EMP
Light Force Ramming ProwDirect-Fire053Force field (20), ramming
Light Laser CannonDirect-FireShort2d452
Light Orbital Death KnellDirect-FireMedium3d10 2018Orbital (3)
Light Orbital Particle CannonDirect-FireLong2d10 2021Line, orbital (2)
Light Particle CannonDirect-FireMedium3d61010
Light Plasma CannonDirect-FireShort2d121012
Light Ramming ProwDirect-FireSpecial3d416Ramming
Light Static ProjectorDirect-FireShort1d6109Scatterscan
Light Teleportation BeamDirect-FireShort1d20 1514Teleportation (1)
Light TzibeamDirect-FireShort3d62015Death Field 2d6, Mystical
Mining LaserDirect-FireShort2d6105Burrowing
Minor Ramming ProwDirect-Fire2d4 14Ramming
Missile BlockerDirect-FireShort1d10108Jamming
Negative-Energy GunDirect-FireMedium2d6107Numbing
Rail LauncherDirect-FireMedium2d8 1510Rail 1d8
Rotary cannonDirect-FireMedium2d4107Torque
ScramblerDirect-FireMedium2d81512Suspending (+5)
Shadow Bolt ProjectorDirect-FireMedium1d10 157Intimidating, mystical
Digital Strike ConduitECMMediumSpecial 1010Hacking
Gravity GeneratorECMShortSpecial 109Gravity well
Nav-Scram ProjectorECMShortSpecial 510Nav-scram
Warp Puck LauncherECMSpecial 510Limited fire 3, mine (1), transposition (1)
Grinding gearsMelee1 hex3d8108Ripper
Light Explosion InjectorMelee1 hex3d10 513Burrowing, limited fire 5
Light Hacksaw ArmMelee1 hex4d6 108Ripper
Light Ship TetherMelee1 hex2d6 56Anchoring
Light-Blade HullMelee1 hex3d8 510 
High Explosive Missile LauncherTrackingLong124d81014Limited Fire 5
Light Aeon Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong123d6 108Limited fire 5, mystical, restricted (Imperial Fleet)
Light Carrion-Missile LauncherTrackingLong123d8105Limited Fire 5, Volatile
Light Cytoplasm WeaponsTrackingLong144d8106Limited Fire 5
Light Frag MinesTracking8d4 512Limited fire 5, mine (3), ripper
Light Plasma MinesTracking2d12 512Limited fire 5, mine (4)
Light Plasma Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong143d8511Limited Fire 5
Light Plasma Torpedo PodTrackingLong143d8 11Limited fire 3, pod
Light Spore Torpedo LauncherTrackingMedium143d655Limited Fire 5, Spore
Light Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong162d857
Magic Torpedo UnitTrackingLong182d4+2 1010Broad arc, mystical, quantum
Micromissile BatteryTrackingLong102d6105Array, Limited Fire 5
Mini-Nuke MinesTracking5d8 58Irradiate (low), limited fire 3, mine (1)
Slow Burn Missile LauncherTrackingLong84d6104Limited fire 5, smoldering (2d6)
Tactical Nuclear Missile LauncherTrackingLong105d81018Irradiate (low), Limited Fire 5
Vandal Rocket LauncherTrackingLong124d8125Limited Fire 3, Vandal Drones 1d4

Heavy Weapons

WeaponTypeRangeSpeed (in Hexes)DamagePCUCost (in BP)Special Properties
Force BlasterDirect-FireShort3d10 2518Force field (40)
Gatling CannonDirect-FireShort15d4 2020Ripper
GraserDirect-FireShort7d104035Irradiate (medium)
Gravity GunDirect-FireMedium6d64030Tractor Beam
GyrocannonDirect-FireShort3d10 2014Broad arc
Heavy Aeon CasterDirect-FireMedium6d6 2018Mystical, restricted (Imperial Fleet)
Heavy Buster CannonDirect-FireMedium6d8 1516Buster
Heavy EMP CannonDirect-FireMediumSpecial3012EMP
Heavy Flak SporesDirect-FireSpecial4d61513Flak area, limited fire 3
Heavy Force Ramming ProwDirect-Fire3d4 1010Force field (40), ramming
Heavy Laser ArrayDirect-FireShort6d41510Array
Heavy Laser CannonDirect-FireMedium4d81015
Heavy Laser NetDirect-FireShort5d61515Point (+12)
Heavy Orbital Death KnellDirect-FireMedium7d10 4036Orbital (7)
Heavy Orbital Particle CannonDirect-FireLong5d10 4042Line, orbital (5)
Heavy Ramming ProwDirect-Fire5d4 18Ramming
Heavy rotary cannonDirect-FireMedium6d43020Torque
Heavy Solar CannonDirect-FireMedium3d81510Sustained 2
Heavy Static ProjectorDirect-FireMedium3d62027Scatterscan
Heavy Teleportation BeamDirect-FireMedium3d20 4035Teleportation (2)
Heavy TzibeamDirect-FireMedium6d64030Death Field 5d6, Mystical
Imposing Ramming ProwDirect-Fire4d4 110Intimidating, ramming
Negative-Energy CannonDirect-FireMedium5d61515Numbing
Particle BeamDirect-FireLong8d62520
Persistent Particle BeamDirect-FireLong10d64025
Plasma CannonDirect-FireMedium5d123020
Pulsed GyrolaserDirect-FireShort3d82520Broad arc
Radiant CannonDirect-FireMedium7d63522Radiant, Restricted (Imperial Fleet - Azlanti Star Empire)
Rail BallistaDirect-FireMedium6d8 3522Rail 3d8
Shadow Beam ProjectorDirect-FireMedium4d10 4030Intimidating, line, mystical
Stasis BeamDirect-FireMediumSpecial3030Immobilize
SuperscramblerDirect-FireMedium4d83028Suspending (+10)
Torpedo BlockerDirect-FireShort3d103026Jamming
Twin LaserDirect-FireLong5d81518
X-Laser CannonDirect-FireLong8d64035Line
Digital Raid NodeECMMediumSpecial 1515Hacking
Fractal Nav-Scram ProjectorECMShortSpecial 1016Nav-scram
Gravity Well GeneratorECMShortSpecial 1520Gravity well
Warp Puck BankECMSpecial 520Limited fire 3, mine (2), transposition (2)
Crushing gearsMelee1 hex8d82015Ripper
Heavy Explosion InjectorMelee1 hex6d12 1026Burrowing, limited fire 5
Heavy Hacksaw ArmMelee1 hex10d6 2015Ripper
Heavy Ship TetherMelee1 hex4d8 1014Anchoring
Heavy-Blade HullMelee1 hex6d8 1017 
Counter-Missile BankTrackingShort148d6 1011Limited fire 6, point (+12)
Drone LauncherTrackingLong125d81513Drone (1d8), Limited Fire 5, Restricted (Imperial Fleet - Azlanti Star Empire)
Gravity Twister LauncherTrackingLong168d101511Gravity tether, limited fire 5
Heavy Aeon Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong126d8 1520Limited fire 5, mystical, restricted (Imperial Fleet)
Heavy Antimatter Missile LauncherTrackingLong810d101535Limited Fire 5
Heavy Carrion-Missile LauncherTrackingLong106d101515Limited Fire 5, Volatile
Heavy Cytoplasm LauncherTrackingMedium146d81010Limited Fire 5
Heavy Frag MinesTracking8d8 515Limited fire 5, mine (3), ripper
Heavy Nuclear MinesTracking10d8 1014Irradiate (medium), limited fire 3, mine (1)
Heavy Nuclear Missile LauncherTrackingLong1010d81535Irradiate (medium), Limited Fire 5
Heavy Nuclear SiloTrackingLong510d10 1535Irradiate (medium), limited fire 3, orbital (10)
Heavy Plasma MinesTracking4d12 1018Limited fire 5, mine (4)
Heavy Plasma Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong125d101018Limited Fire 5
Heavy Plasma Torpedo PodTrackingLong125d10 018Limited fire 3, pod
Heavy Spore Torpedo LauncherTrackingMedium125d81010Limited Fire 5, Spore
Heavy Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong145d81016Limited Fire 5
Heavy Vandal Rocket LauncherTrackingLong1010d101815Limited Fire 3, Vandal Drones 3d4
Heightened Magic Torpedo UnitTrackingLong185d4+5 2020Broad arc, mystical, quantum
Slow Burn Heavy Missile LauncherTrackingLong88d81510Limited fire 5, smoldering (4d8)
Vortex Mouth MinesTracking7d12 2030Limited fire 3, mine (3), vortex

Capital Weapons

WeaponTypeRangeSpeed (in Hexes)DamagePCUCost (in BP)Special Properties
Extreme Force Ramming ProwDirect-Fire5d4 3010Force field (100), ramming
Gatling Cannon ArrayDirect-FireShort4d4 × 10 3025Array, ripper
Gravity CannonDirect-FireLong2d6 x 104050Tractor Beam
Mass DriverDirect-FireLong2d6 x 102530
Massive Ramming ProwDirect-Fire2d4 × 10 520Ramming
Mega Teleportation BeamDirect-FireLong1d20 × 10 5565Teleportation (3)
Monolith Ramming ProwDirect-Fire12d4 115Intimidating, ramming
Particle Beam CannonDirect-FireLong3d4 x 103030
Persistent Particle Beam CannonDirect-FireLong2d10 x 105040
Prismatic BeamDirect-FireLong2d8 × 10 6055Line, mystical
Shadow Bolt ArrayDirect-FireMedium1d10 × 10 4525Array, intimidating, mystical
Starspear Rail LauncherDirect-FireMedium2d8 × 10 5035Rail 1d8 × 10
Super Buster VannonDirect-FireMedium3d8 × 10 3535Buster
Super EMP CannonDirect-FireLongSpecial4518EMP
Super Negative-Energy CannonDirect-FireLong2d10 x 104060Numbing
Super Orbital Death KnellDirect-FireMedium3d6 × 10 5057Orbital (10)
Super Orbital Particle CannonDirect-FireLong2d6 × 10 5060Line, orbital (10)
Super Plasma CannonDirect-FireMedium3d6 x 104535
Super Radiant CannonDirect-FireLong2d6x104045Radiant, Restricted (Imperial Fleet - Azlanti Star Empire)
Super Stasis BeamDirect-FireLongSpecial5050EMP, immobilize
Super Static ProjectorDirect-FireLong1d4x105050Array, scatterscan
Super X-Laser CannonDirect-FireLong3d4 x 105045Line
SupergraserDirect-FireMedium2d8 x 105035Irradiate (high)
SuperlaserDirect-FireLong2d4 x 102020
SupermaserDirect-FireLong2d8 x 104035
Vortex CannonDirect-FireMedium2d12 x 105575Vortex
Black Hole GeneratorECMMediumSpecial 2025Gravity well
Digital Assault TorrentECMMediumSpecial 1525Hacking
Super Nav-Scram ProjectorECMMediumSpecial 2025Nav-scram
Warp Puck BatteryECMSpecial 530Limited fire 3, mine (2), transposition (3)
Super Explosion InjectorMelee1 hex3d10 × 10 3050Burrowing, limited fire 5
Super Hacksaw ArmMelee1 hex4d6 × 10 4025Ripper
Super Ship TetherMelee1 hex10d8 1518Anchoring
Super-Blade HullMelee1 hex3d8 × 10 3040 
Antimatter Mega-Missile LauncherTrackingLong64d10 x 101570Limited Fire 5
Devourer Vandal Rocket LauncherTrackingLong84d10x101830Limited Fire 3, Vandal Drones 1d4x10
Heavy Drone LauncherTrackingLong122d8x102025Drone (2d8), Limited Fire 5, Restricted (Imperial Fleet - Azlanti Star Empire)
Heavy Frag MinesTracking4d8 × 10 1045Limited fire 5, mine (3), ripper
Hellfire MinesTracking2d10 × 10 1040Limited fire 5, mine (4)
Hellfire Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong82d10 x 101040Limited Fire 5
Mega Carrion-Missile LauncherTrackingLong83d8 x 101525Limited Fire 5, Volatile
Nuclear Mega-MinesTracking4d8 × 10 1530Irradiate (high), limited fire 3, mine (1)
Nuclear Mega-Missile LauncherTrackingLong84d8 x 101560Limited Fire 5
Quantum MinesTracking2d8 × 10 2540Limited fire 3, mine (5), quantum
Quantum Missile LauncherTrackingLong122d8 x 101535Limited Fire 5, Quantum
Quantum Missile PodTrackingLong122d8 × 10 035Limited fire 3, pod, quantum
Solar Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong102d6 x 101025Limited Fire 5
Super Nuclear SiloTrackingLong53d8 × 10 1540Irradiate (high), limited fire 2, orbital (14)
Vortex Maw MinesTracking3d12 × 10 3560Limited fire 3, mine (3), vortex

Spinal-Mount Weapons

WeaponTypeRangeSpeed (in Hexes)DamagePCUCost (in BP)Special Properties
Gravity AnnihilatorDirect-FireLong8d6 × 10 5060Tractor beam
Hypermass CannonDirect-FireLong6d6 × 10 4040Line
Nova RamDirect-FireLong6d10 × 10 7555Line
Orbital DevastatorDirect-FireLong8d6 × 10 6054Orbital (18)
Particle Acceleration GunDirect-FireLong9d4 × 10 5040Line
Prismatic TorrentDirect-FireLong5d8 × 10 6045Line, mystical
Summon Planetoid ModuleDirect-FireMedium4d6 × 10 2040Limited fire 3, mystical, point (+15)
Titan BolterDirect-FireMedium6d8 × 10 5050Rail 2d8 × 10
Ultra Plasma CannonDirect-FireMedium9d6 × 10 8045Line
Ultra X-Laser CannonDirect-FireLong6d8 × 10 9045Line
UltragraserDirect-FireMedium6d8 × 10 7555Irradiate (high), line
UltralaserDirect-FireLong6d4 × 10 3025Line
UltramaserDirect-FireLong6d8 × 10 6045Line
Vortex DevourerDirect-FireMedium6d12 × 10 8065Vortex