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Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 303
Whether the PCs are in the Vast or near a Pact Worlds planet, space is a dangerous place, plagued with hostile aliens, raiders, and worse. As a result, most ships protect themselves with a variety of weapons, ranging from laser cannons to solar torpedoes.

Weapons must be installed on special mounts on a ship, specified in the ship’s base frame (see page 294). These mounts are designed for optimal firing and are placed so that they can be easily tied into the ship’s power and control systems. They also prevent the weapon from affecting the course or speed of a ship when fired.

Weapons are classified using the following key statistics.


This is the name of the weapon.


Weapons belong to one of three classifications. Light weapons can be mounted on any ship but are most typically found on smaller fighters and bombers. While dangerous, light weapons do not have the firepower necessary to damage very large starships. Heavy weapons are a serious threat to any vessel but can be mounted only on Medium or larger starships. Capital weapons can be mounted only on Huge or larger starships. Capital weapons can’t be brought to bear against Tiny or Small targets and are typically used only against other large vessels.


Starship weapons are one of two types. Direct-fire weapons fire projectiles or beams at amazing speed, targeting the opposing vessel’s AC. Tracking weapons’ projectiles are slower and must home in using a target’s TL. A tracking weapon’s projectile has a listed speed; once fired, it moves that number of hexes toward its target. Each subsequent round during the gunnery phase, it must succeed at a gunnery check against the target’s TL to continue to move its speed toward its target. On a failure, the projectile is lost. If the projectile reaches the target’s hex, it deals the listed damage.


Weapons have one of three ranges: short range (5 hexes), medium range (10 hexes), or long range (20 hexes). As with characterscale ranged attacks, an attack with a starship weapon takes a cumulative –2 penalty for each range increment (or fraction thereof, beyond the first) between it and the target. A gunner firing a tracking weapon takes a range penalty only on her first gunnery check, when the target is first acquired. A starship weapon can fire at a target up to 10 range increments away.


This is the distance in hexes a tracking weapon moves toward its target each round during the gunnery phase. Projectiles from a tracking weapon have perfect maneuverability, and as such, they have a minimum turn distance of 0 (see page 319).


This is the amount of damage (in Hull Points) the weapon deals when it successfully hits a target. See Shooting Starships on page 292 for guidelines on how starship weapons can affect characters.


This is the amount of PCU consumed by the weapon. It uses this amount continuously whenever the weapon is powered up and ready to fire.


This is the cost of the weapon in Build Points.

Special Properties

Some weapons have special properties, as noted on this page.

Linking Weapons

If you install two of the same direct-fire weapon in the same firing arc, you can link them together so they fire as one. This costs a number of Build Points equal to half the cost of one of the weapons (rounded down) and consumes a negligible amount of PCU.

Light Weapons

WeaponTypeRangeSpeed (in Hexes)DamagePCUCost (in BP)Special Properties
Chain CannonDirect-FireShort6d41515Ripper
Flak ThrowerDirect-FireShort3d4105Point (+8)
GyrolaserDirect-FireShort1d8103Broad Arc
Laser NetDirect-FireShort2d6109Point (+10)
Light EMP CannonDirect-FireShortSpecial108EMP
Light Laser CannonDirect-FireShort2d452
Light Particle CannonDirect-FireMedium3d61010
Light Plasma CannonDirect-FireShort2d121012
High Explosive Missile LauncherTrackingLong124d8104Limited Fire 5
Light Plasma Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong143d855Limited Fire 5
Light Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong162d854
Micromissile BatteryTrackingLong102d6103Array, Limited Fire 5
Tactical Nuclear Missile LauncherTrackingLong105d8105Irradiate (low), Limited Fire 5

Heavy Weapons

WeaponTypeRangeSpeed (in Hexes)DamagePCUCost (in BP)Special Properties
GraserDirect-FireShort7d104035Irradiate (medium)
Gravity GunDirect-FireMedium6d64030Tractor Beam
Heavy EMP CannonDirect-FireMediumSpecial3024EMP
Heavy Laser ArrayDirect-FireShort6d41510Array
Heavy Laser CannonDirect-FireMedium4d8108
Heavy Laser NetDirect-FireShort5d61512Point (+12)
Particle BeamDirect-FireLong8d62515
Persistent Particle BeamDirect-FireLong10d64025
Plasma CannonDirect-FireMedium5d123020
Twin LaserDirect-FireLong5d81512
X-Laser CannonDirect-FireLong8d64035Line
Heavy Antimatter Missile LauncherTrackingLong810d101512Limited Fire 5
Heavy Nuclear Missile LauncherTrackingLong1010d81510Irradiate (medium), Limited Fire 5
Heavy Plasma Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong125d101010Limited Fire 5
Heavy Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong145d8108Limited Fire 5

Capital Weapons

WeaponTypeRangeSpeed (in Hexes)DamagePCUCost (in BP)Special Properties
Gravity CannonDirect-FireLong2d6 x 104050Tractor Beam
Mass DriverDirect-FireLong2d6 x 102525
Particle Beam CannonDirect-FireLong3d4 x 103030
Persistent Particle Beam CannonDirect-FireLong2d10 x 105040
Super EMP CannonDirect-FireLongSpecial4545EMP
Super Plasma CannonDirect-FireMedium3d6 x 104535
Super X-Laser CannonDirect-FireLong3d4 x 105060Line
SupergraserDirect-FireMedium2d8 x 105060Irradiate (high)
SuperlaserDirect-FireLong2d4 x 102020
SupermaserDirect-FireLong2d8 x 104035
Vortex CannonDirect-FireMedium2d12 x 105575Vortex
Antimatter Mega-Missile LauncherTrackingLong64d10 x 101525Limited Fire 5
Hellfire Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong82d10 x 101025Limited Fire 5
Nuclear Mega-Missile LauncherTrackingLong84d8 x 101520Limited Fire 5
Quantum Missile LauncherTrackingLong122d8 x 101520Limited Fire 5, Quantum
Solar Torpedo LauncherTrackingLong102d6 x 101020Limited Fire 5