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Elemental engine

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 10
BP Cost 5 x size category (Tiny = 1, Small = 2, etc.)
Engine Rating 1
Minimum PCU 100; Maximum Size
Special Restricted (Elemental Plane)

Even starship crews native to the elemental planes commonly use Drift engines for most interstellar travel, but prior to the modern era, some elemental denizens made use of other plane-hopping engines to get to and from the Material Plane. Such travel was not without risk, as various factions constantly struggle for dominance over the elemental planes and are often hostile to unknown starships entering their territory.
Those elemental engines still in use are often found in the hands of smugglers, pirates, and other outlaws, who use these drives to avoid capture by escaping to the inhospitable expanses of one of the elemental planes, where most Material Plane law-enforcement agencies cannot pursue them. Of course, a Material Plane starship using an elemental engine must have some means of protecting the ship from the harmful planar energies it will endure during such transits. Vessels native to one of the elemental planes, however, are usually impervious to the energies of that plane.