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Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 414
Diseases are typically inhaled contagions (though these are usually filtered out by a standard space suit or suit of armor) or injury contagions. Page 417 explains the details of each method of contagion. If a disease lacks a Cure entry, its progression may be irreversible without powerful magic or technology, but a successful casting of remove affliction usually prevents further deterioration. Physical and mental diseases have separate tracks.


Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 418
Type disease (drug use); Save see specific drug
Track physical, mental, or both (see specific drug); Frequency 1/day when not using the drug
Effect If a creature takes a drug while it has progressed beyond healthy on the drug’s progression track, the DC of the saving throw against addiction increases by 2. A creature can attempt a save against an addiction only on a day when it hasn’t taken the drug. Each day spent without using the drug decreases the addiction’s DC by 2, to a minimum of the starting DC, but using the drug again, even once, returns the DC to its highest value. Each drug addiction is a separate disease.
Cure 3 consecutive saves