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Chapter 2: Character Creation / Character Creation Steps

Step 4: Choose a Class

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 15
At this point, you’re almost ready to finalize your character’s ability scores, which are key values you’ll need to calculate many of her statistics. First, though, you need to choose your character’s class. This affords her access to a suite of heroic abilities, determines how well she can attack, and governs how easily she can shake off or avoid certain harmful effects. Chapter 4 details the seven classes you can play in Starfinder, and the sidebar above provides an overview of the classes’ functions and roles.

You don’t yet need to note all of your character’s class features. You simply need to know which class you want to play, which will tell you the ability scores that will be the most important to you. Each class notes its key ability scores, as well as other particularly helpful ability scores, but for easy reference, Table 2–3 on page 19 lays out the key ability scores for all classes.

Character Sheet

Put your character’s class at the top of your character sheet, then write "1" after it to indicate that you’re 1st level. Don’t worry about other abilities your character gets from her class—you’ll handle that in Step 6.