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Modules, Upgrades, and Countermeasures


These modules improve the overall effectiveness, security, and utility of a computer system. A computer system can have any number of these modules, but their effects generally do not stack. For a better effect, a more expensive module must be purchased and installed on the computer.


Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 215
Price Varies; Type Upgrade
This bolsters the overall security of the computer, increasing the DC of the Computers check to hack the computer and gain access to its modules. This upgrade comes in multiple ranks, each stronger and more secure than the last. Refer to the below table to determine the DC increase and the price (in percentage of the base price of the computer). A computer cannot benefit from more than one security upgrade.

RankDC IncreasePrice
Security I+125% of computer’s base price
Security II+250% of computer’s base price
Security III+375% of computer’s base price
Security IV+4100% of computer’s base price