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Chapter 2: Character Creation / Character Creation Steps

Step 3: Choose a Theme

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 14
Next, you can choose a theme for your character, which represents a core aspect of her background and motivations. A theme can help express your character’s approach to adventuring—whether she’s a bounty hunter, a scholar, or the embodiment of another classic adventuring trope. In addition to reflecting a certain background, a theme provides benefits to an appropriate skill or skills at 1st level and also grants 1 extra point to a specific ability score—you’ll finalize your ability scores during Step 5. Starfinder’s character themes are summarized in the sidebar above, and presented in detail starting on page 28 along with the rules for being themeless.

Character Sheet

Write your character’s theme at the top of your character sheet and record any bonuses it grants to skills. For now, note the point it adds to an ability score in the margin next to that ability score (you’ll need this during Step 5!).