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Countermeasures form a computer system’s last defense against hackers trying to compromise it. Countermeasures are specifically designed to activate when an unauthorized user attempts unsuccessfully to access the system, usually by entering an incorrect password or by failing to bypass other security precautions. Some activate the moment a user tries to get into the system and deactivate only once the correct password has been entered. In either case, a computer can have a number of countermeasures equal to its tier.


Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 215
Price 10 credits; Type Countermeasure
One of simplest countermeasures, this program sends an alert to a specific individual or station if someone attempts to breach the system. If the computer has a control module connected to an actual alarm, this countermeasure can trigger that alarm. If the computer controls a robot, trap, or weapon, an alarm can also activate them. The alarm countermeasure costs 10 credits.