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Chapter 4: Classes

Class Table

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 59
Each class description contains a table that summarizes the various features of the class at each level.

Class Level: This is the class level at which your character receives the benefits listed in the line.

Base Attack Bonus: This is the total base attack bonus at that level, which is used to calculate your melee and ranged attack bonuses.

Fort Save Bonus, Ref Save Bonus, Will Save Bonus: These entries list your base save bonus for Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saving throws at that level. You add your Constitution modifier to Fortitude saves, your Dexterity modifier to Reflex saves, and your Wisdom modifier to Will saves.

Class Features: This lists the class features gained at that level, which are described in detail later in the class description.

Spells per Day: For a class that can cast spells, the table lists the number of spells per day you can cast at each class level (known as your “spell slots”). You may be able to cast additional spells based on your key ability score, as indicated in a separate table in the class entry. If an entry is marked with a dash (—), you can’t cast spells of that level yet.

Other Entries: If the class grants different features that depend on your level, they are listed here. For instance, the solarian’s armor bonus and weapon damage by level can be found under Solar Manifestation. These abilities are described in detail later in the class description.