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Starship Operations Manual

Estimated Release Date: 7/30/2020
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Aliens [4]

Alinoisos (Starship), Cerebrex (Starship), Derelict Shade (Starship), Zoaphorix (Starship)

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [3]

Personal Drop Pod (Basic), Personal Drop Pod (Invisibility), Personal Drop Pod (Stealth)

Rules [237]

A Jaded Affront, A Looming Bioweapon, A New Uniform, A Signal from the Dark, A Starship without a Crew, A Tangled Pyramid Scheme, A Thousand Fronts, Aberration, Ablative Armor, Aborting the Sequence, Accidents Happen, Activate ECM Module (Gunnery Phase), Additional Hazards, Additional Starship Options, Admiral, Alternate Armors, Alternate Interstellar Navigation, Alternate Win Conditions, Alternatives to this System, Amateur Opponent, Anchoring Weapons, Animal, Another Day, Another Problem, Arcane Warp (Magic Officer), Armada Combat, Asteroids and Debris, At a Crossroads, Atmospheric Decompression, Atmospheric Friction, Attacking, Auto-Flight Module, Base Fleet Classes, Base Frame, Benefiting from Hazards, Boarding, Breaching Pods, Broken Rock Under Siege, Building a Fleet, Building A Squadron, Building An Armada, Building Starship-scale Creatures, Capital-Class Fleet, Captain Actions, Challenges, Chapter 1: Building Starships, Chapter 2: Starship Combat, Chapter 3: Starships, Chapter 4: Running Starship Campaigns, Chase Actions, Chase Rounds, Chief Caster, Chief Engineer, Chief Mate Actions, Chief Technician, Cinematic Starship Encounters, Cloud Cover, Combined Effects, Commander, Complement Modifier, Construct, Covering Fire (Gunner), Create Obstacle (Chief Mate, Engineer, Magic Officer, Science Officer), Creating Memorable Villains, Crew Locations, Critical Effects, Damaging Atmospheres, Damaging Zones, Data Link, Debris Cloud (Gunner, Pilot), Deflector Shields, Deploy Drone (Gunnery Phase), Designing a Starship Chase, Designing Starship Encounters, Destroyer-Class Fleet, Down On Their Luck, Dragon, Drift Phenomena, Electric Storms, Electromagnetic Interference (Engineer, Science Officer), Electronic Countermeasure Modules, Emplacement (Engineer, Gunner, Pilot, Science Officer), Ending A Starship Chase, Energy Spike (Chief Mate, Engineer), Engineer Actions, Enhanced Gameplay Descriptions, Environmental Cover (Pilot), Environmental Effects, Environmental Storytelling, Escort, Evaluate Weakness (Captain, Science Officer), Examples of Non-Combat Challenges, False Alarm (Captain, Chief Mate), Fey, Fighter-Class Fleet, Fire Your Engines, Flank, Focus-Fire Algorithm, Forging the Pact, Fortified Hull, Free Special Abilities, Free the Cult’s Hostages, Geyser (Pilot, Science Officer), Gravity Fields, Gunner Actions, Hangers On (Chief Mate, Engineer), Harrying Shot (Gunnery Phase, Minor), Hazards and Terrain in Space, Hull Ruptures, Humanoid, Ice Storms, Incorporeal Opponent, Injected Pathogen, Injecting Excitement, Innocent Bystanders, Insidious Electronics (Gunnery Phase, Push), Interstellar Drives, Interstellar Travel, Invasion!, Just Another Day in the Vast, Lay Mines (Helm Phase), Local Intervention (Captain), Loss of Cargo, Lost In The Vast, Magic Officer Actions, Magical Anomaly (Magic Officer), Magical Beast, Magic-Dampening Field, Melee Weapons, Misdirection (Captain), Monstrous Humanoid, Morale and Critical Damage, Moving, Multiple Boarding Parties, Murders Most Foul, Narrow Pass (Gunner, Pilot), Negotiate Obstruction (Gunner, Science Officer), Non-combat Challenges, Obfuscating Atmospheres, Obstacles, Offensive Spell (Magic Officer), Officers, One Final Plea for Help, Ooze, Open Crew Actions, Optional Rule: Design Budgets, Orbital Drops, Orbital Drops without a Pod, Other Effects, Outmaneuver (Pilot), Outsider, Outspeed (Chief Mate, Engineer, Magic Officer), Overview, Personal Drop Pods, Pilot Action, Pilot Actions, Plant, Post-Combat Chase, Power Core Breaches, Radiation, Raise the Skull and Crossbones, Ramming, Ramming Speed (Stunt), Rapid Jam (Gunnery Phase, Push), Reading Starship Stat Blocks, Recall Beacon (Helm Phase), Red Stars At Night, Reinforced Bulkheads, Repairing Hull Ruptures, Repel Boarders, Resolving a Boarding Party, Resolving with Starship Actions, Rogue Meteoroid (Gunner, Magic Officer, Pilot), Roles, Rolling a Natural 20, Rounds and Phases, Run Interference, Running Armada Combat, Sabotaged Engine, Science Officer Actions, Science Officer Actions, Seasoned Bounty Hunter, Secure the Assets, Security Modifier, Single-Occupant Drop Pods, Solve the Mystery, Space Hazards, Special Abilities, Squadron Combat, Squadron Minor Crew Actions, Squadron Options, Squadron Systems, Stall (Chief Mate, Engineer), Standard Special Abilities, Starship Adventure Seeds, Starship Bandits on the Loose, Starship Campaign Arcs, Starship Chase Overview, Starship Chases, Starship Combat Scale, Starship Damage and Repair, Starship Weapon Class: Spinal-mount, Starship Weapon Types, Starship Weapons, Starships in Atmosphere, Stellar Phenomenon, Step 1: Creature Concept and Tier, Step 2: Array, Step 3: Size, Step 4: Creature Type Graft, Step 5: Special Abilities, Step 6: Final Check, Stop the Rogue Scientist, Stunts, Supercolossal Starships, Swarming Ships, Swift Kick (Engineering Phase, Minor), Systems, Tactical Boarding Resolution, Take the Job, The Case of the Missing Racing Ships, The Championship, The Grand Prix, The Infiltration Race, The Schematics Hold the Key, The Swallowed Starship and an Alien Horror, Time Runs Short, Toxic Atmospheres, Training Modifier, Travel Into The Unknown, Turbulence (Pilot), Undead, Understanding Starships, Unification Matrix, Upgrading Weapons, Vermin, Volatile Atmosphere, Windstorms

Starship - Armor [22]

Basic ablative armor , Basic ablative armor , Basic ablative armor , Basic ablative armor , Basic ablative armor , Heavy ablative armor , Heavy ablative armor , Heavy ablative armor , Heavy ablative armor , Heavy ablative armor , Light ablative armor , Light ablative armor , Light ablative armor , Light ablative armor , Light ablative armor , Medium ablative armor , Medium ablative armor , Medium ablative armor , Medium ablative armor , Medium ablative armor , Superior ablative armor , Superior ablative armor

Starship - Expansion Bays [20]

Combat Training Facility (Advanced), Arcane Mortuary, Breaching Pod (Autonomous Combatants), Combat Training Facility (Basic), Booster Thruster Housing, Breaching Pod, Drop Pod (Colossal), Corpse Recycler, Cryo-chamber, Dedicated Computer Housing, Drop Pod, Combat Training Facility (Elite), External Expansion Bay, Ghost Drive, Healing Pods, Quantum Defender, Breaching Pod (Skilled Autonomous Combatants), Breaching Pod (Specialized Autonomous Combatants), Surveying Sensors, Thrusters Primer

Starship - Fortified Hulls [5]

Adamantine alloy, Nanocarbon plate, Polycarbon plate, Pure adamantine, Steel composite

Starship - Interstellar Drives [9]

Archon Drive, Chaos Sail, Constellation Orrery, Elemental Engine, First Drive, Fold Gates, Helldrive, Planar Aperture Drive, Shadow Engine

Starship - Manufacturers [31]

ATech, Blackwind Engineering, Blood Mountain Clans, Compiler Enterprises, Dashadz Industries, Death’s Head, Guttertooth Processing Company, Hivonyx Industries, Idari Crucible Works, Imperial Foundry, Infernex, Inc., Inheritorworks, Kevolari Collective, Klokworx Industries, Multifold Industries, Nebulor Outfitters, Norikama Syndicate, Opulos Corporation, Redshift Revolution, Ringworks Industries, Sanjaval Spaceflight Systems, Sov-El, Starhive, Terminator, Tetrad, Thaumtech Unlimited, Ulrikka Clanholdings, Unified Conservatory, United Interfaith Engineering, Vanguard Craftworks, Vindicas

Starship - Other Systems [10]

Algal Shielding, Autodestruct System, Colony Ship Framework, Consciousness Uplink Drive, Powersap, Robotic Appendage, Root System, Space Station Framework, Training Interface Module, Virtual Intelligence

Starship - Reinforced Bulkheads [5]

Mk 1 bulkheads, Mk 2 bulkheads, Mk 3 bulkheads, Mk 4 bulkheads, Mk 5 bulkheads

Starship - Security [3]

Emergency Accelerator, Holographic Mantle, Reconfiguration System

Starship - Shields [10]

Basic deflector shield 1 , Basic deflector shield 3 , Heavy deflector shield 13 , Heavy deflector shield 15 , Light deflector shield 5 , Light deflector shield 8 , Medium deflector shield 10 , Medium deflector shield 12 , Superior deflector shield 18 , Superior deflector shield 20

Starship - Special Materials [14]

Armor (Adamantine Alloy), Armor (Noqual), Armor (Siccatite), Defensive Countermeasures (Siccatite), Defensive Countermeasures (Horacalcum), Power Core (Abysium), Power Core (Djezet), Sensors (Djezet), Sensors (Noqual), Thrusters (Horacalcum), Thrusters (Inubrix), Weapon Mount (Inubrix), Weapon Mount (Abysium), Weapon Mount (Adamantine Alloy)

Starship - Weapons [96]

Aeon Caster, Black Hole Generator, Counter-Missile Bank, Decorative Ramming Prow, Digital Assault Torrent, Digital Raid Node, Digital Strike Conduit, Extreme Force Ramming Prow, Force Blaster, Force Projector, Fractal Nav-Scram Projector, Garbage Ejection System, Gatling Cannon, Gatling Cannon Array, Gravity Annihilator, Gravity Generator, Gravity Well Generator, Gyrocannon, Heavy Aeon Caster, Heavy Aeon Torpedo Launcher, Heavy Buster Cannon, Heavy Explosion Injector, Heavy Force Ramming Prow, Heavy Frag Mines, Heavy Frag Mines, Heavy Hacksaw Arm, Heavy Nuclear Mines, Heavy Nuclear Silo, Heavy Orbital Death Knell, Heavy Orbital Particle Cannon, Heavy Plasma Mines, Heavy Plasma Torpedo Pod, Heavy Ramming Prow, Heavy Ship Tether, Heavy Teleportation Beam, Heavy-Blade Hull, Heightened Magic Torpedo Unit, Hellfire Mines, Hypermass Cannon, Imposing Ramming Prow, Light Aeon Torpedo Launcher, Light Buster Cannon, Light Explosion Injector, Light Force Ramming Prow, Light Frag Mines, Light Hacksaw Arm, Light Orbital Death Knell, Light Orbital Particle Cannon, Light Plasma Mines, Light Plasma Torpedo Pod, Light Ship Tether, Light Teleportation Beam, Light-Blade Hull, Magic Torpedo Unit, Massive Ramming Prow, Mega Teleportation Beam, Mini-Nuke Mines, Minor Ramming Prow, Monolith Ramming Prow, Nav-Scram Projector, Nova Ram, Nuclear Mega-Mines, Orbital Devastator, Particle Acceleration Gun, Prismatic Beam, Prismatic Torrent, Quantum Mines, Quantum Missile Pod, Rail Ballista, Rail Launcher, Shadow Beam Projector, Shadow Bolt Array, Shadow Bolt Projector, Starspear Rail Launcher, Summon Planetoid Module, Super Buster Vannon, Super Explosion Injector, Super Hacksaw Arm, Super Nav-Scram Projector, Super Nuclear Silo, Super Orbital Death Knell, Super Orbital Particle Cannon, Super Ship Tether, Super-Blade Hull, Titan Bolter, Ultra Plasma Cannon, Ultra X-Laser Cannon, Ultragraser, Ultralaser, Ultramaser, Vortex Devourer, Vortex Maw Mines, Vortex Mouth Mines, Warp Puck Bank, Warp Puck Battery, Warp Puck Launcher