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Norikama Syndicate

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 72
Opportunistic Copycats Striving For Respect
Manufacturing Centers: Akiton, Norikama, Vesk-8
Specialties: Knockoff starships and low-class luxury
Famous Models: Defrex, Dropship, Reliant, Valkyrie

Founded in the aftermath of the Gap by destitute vesk siblings Jinjaya and Ozoroz, Norikama Syndicate has grown to become one of the most pervasive vesk corporations in the Pact Worlds. Favored by civilians, mercenaries, pirates, and vagabonds alike, Norikama Syndicate produces affordable, battle-ready starships with comfortable interiors—all knockoffs of the hottest ships on the market.

Originally a salvage company, Norikama Syndicate got its start collecting wreckage from Veskarium battles and selling scrap back to the original manufacturers. It soon discovered rebuilding ships from parts was far more profitable, and the Syndicate built its first factory on the planet Norikama.

When war between the Veskarium and Pact Worlds came to an end, easily attainable parts became scarce and the Syndicate was forced to adapt to survive. Refocusing on sales to the general public, it found its fortune creating knockoff luxury interiors with imitation materials, housed within intimidating, brutish-looking starship hulls. To keep up with demand, Norikama Syndicate opened factories in low-rent regions on Vesk-8 and Akiton. Dangerous work environments have led to countless on-site injuries, and critics insist there’s more blood than oil going into Norikama ships. It’s also common knowledge that the Syndicate purchases starship parts with no questions asked, which has added to the company’s notoriety.

Despite their popularity among budget-conscious consumers, most affluent citizens consider owning Norikama ships unbecoming. Many major corporations foster this sentiment, releasing denigrating statements and media meant to showcase Norikama’s inferiority. Small corporations, however, often take the opposite approach, attaching their names to the Norikama knockoffs of their own ships at every opportunity to drive sales and attention to their original, high-end models.

Veskarium citizens overwhelmingly disdain the Norikama Syndicate. Considering it a den of scavengers that steal from the honored dead, military manufacturers look down on the corporation, while the government considers its work inferior. To the average vesk, the Norikama Syndicate is a cliché joke, a worthless export that foreigners have inexplicably latched on to. Seemingly immortal, the company’s founders continue to steer Norikama Syndicate into the future with a top-secret project promised to “alter destiny.” Though the project’s launch date draws near, nothing has been leaked to the media, causing some to question what the ageless siblings have planned, and how far they’re willing to go to keep it quiet.

Manufacturer Perk: The Norikama Syndicate can install luxurious crew quarters for allies and employees at a cost of 3 BP rather than 5, using imitation materials in place of a more expensive finish.